1 / MIA kicks off the festivities
2 / the car appears as MIA performs
3 / Jeremy Scott drives his smart car onto the stage
4 / smart designer Hubert Lee and Jeremy Scott explain the collaboration
5 / Io Echo and Liberty Ross flank Jeremy Scott (ph. Mark Hunter)
6 / my ICBF and #fbff loves (ph. Mark Hunter)
7 / caught by the Cobra Snake tweeting the event (ph. Mark Hunter)
8 / closeup of the wings
9 / A$AP Rocky test driving

A few weeks ago grandma actually went out! I get invited to the occasional press event or party, but I think most people forget that I have an actual real life full-time job and can't go galavanting on any ol' random weeknight. Every so often a rare email catches my eye though - this time with the words smart and Jeremy Scott. I had no idea that a collaboration was even in the works and there wasn't much other information made available so I went in blind, with nothing other than the location (the famous Jim Henson Studios) and to dress inspired by what I envisioned a Jeremy Scott smart car collaboration would be. Interesting enough. RSVP.

As I pulled up it hit me that this was no ordinary event. Super exclusive, super intimate, and I super did not belong there? But I braved my way through the crowd and found a corner where I could quietly blend into the shadows and observe.

And observe I did. Considering it was such an intimate gathering, it was over the top, complete with an LED-lit stage fit for a concert and well, a three song set from MIA for the big reveal. The guests - a mix of Jeremy Scott's friends, the Cobra Snake community, supermodels (hi Anouck Lepere omg Liberty Ross), MIA's entourage, and all the smart car corporate suits - made for good people watching. And the car itself, I don't think anyone would expect any less from Jeremy Scott. Read my thoughts on it here. He explained that the interior was inspired by the feel of a luxury handbag, which it really did look and feel like. Although I couldn't drive it myself, I appreciate that he made it very much his own, and didn't just opt for some custom color and call it a collaboration. And also I heard he's very nice, and I like to like nice people doing nice things. So there's that.

A crazy night to say the least. Crazy, but fun. (but crazy)


Andrew said...

I seriously couldn't handle the instagram updates from that night... basically ever person I follow on the internet was there, haha.

Looks like a ton of fun. Wish I could'a been there!

the white ribbon said...

Looks like it was %&/$%&$& awesome!!!

Anonymous said...

How was MIA's performance?
- Aliya

kerrin said...

too cool. x

Unknown said...

You look gorge hun, super chic and great event, wish I was there. I've just posted up my blog's big Christmas post accompanied with a fashion joke poem, if you want to hear more about Erdem and Eggnog, check it out and do tell what you think ;)

xx The Provoker

seki said...

yes!! love seeing my #trifelife homegirl sarah out and about on this side of the planet x

Cloudline Chic Flows said...

Every time my mail is burdened with another event invitation, I'm so relieved to have the knowledge that there's you my favorite co-blogger who just prefers to stay in bed with a bag of cheetos. Yay us!
This seemed like a rad thing though.