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Zara jumpsuit // CÉLINE platforms

I'm a bit OCD about packing for trips (amongst a million other things). It's almost like I try to outdo myself each time by packing less and less. Black is obviously my go-to for travelwear since it requires the least amount of coordination and/or thought. But this time I took it another level - one piece dressing.

I had been on the lookout for a shapeless relaxed jumpsuit for some time and a last minute trip to Zara yielded this find (alternatives here, here, and here). I saw it hanging sack-like, without it's intended belt and immediately recognized the potential for minimal summer dressing. Took the original lace off as soon as I got home and replaced it with leather. It was the perfect thing to pack for NY with easy day to night transitioning. 

Laziness at it's finest.


Sometimes I surprise myself and want to wear the girliest of dresses. It's usually a fleeting moment and there's almost always a weird off element to it, but still, a dress nonetheless. This Lisa Frank-esque sticker page dress à la Christopher Kane is a thing of dreams. DREAMS I TELL YOU. Frolicking unicorn rainbow glitter creamsicle anti-Jayne Mr.T fashion dreams. Gimme.