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My fall wardrobe is quickly coming together with some new additions - starting with these Rodebjer Redford Glitter flats. I was worried about the glitter at first cause, as you may know, I'm not much of a frou frou glitzy girl. But the "glitter" here is less crafty and more a stingray-esque texture. With the perfect shape and ultra comfort, these are sure to become a closet staple.


I know I just posted about those Yang Li boots. But if I could just be ever so slightly more greedy in saying HOT DAMN I WANT THESE TOO.

Or have we accepted that as the general theme of this blog?


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I don't ever ever never ever ever ever wear earrings. But I like these.


So excited to share with you the lookbook for the Brook&Lyn Medaled collection that I styled. I think I got the best end of the deal. With a photographer like Mimi, model like Leah, and a gorgeous subject (the Medaled collection is my favorite!), it made my job easy. Hope you guys like it. Visit the site for more images.

If you must know, the Large Medallion Necklace is my favorite :)


Scored this quilted thermal liner for $5 at the Long Beach flea market last month and have been waiting patiently for chillier days. C'mon fall, let's get it movin.


Reformation silk tee // Comme des Garcons x H&M shorts // Loeffler Randall bag // Jenni Kayne flats // Club Monaco hat // The Hundreds sunglasses

These photos were actually from a month ago, but the heat today reminded me of how sweaty I was in these shorts. When I was younger all I ever cared about was summer and tshirts and Vans. Now all I wait for is chilly weather and any chance to put on a jacket. Am I outgrowing Southern California?



Those shorts and those boots.




I woke up this morning to check on LPD's coverage for the new Kawakubo tee release, but lo and behold there I am! It's crazy to think it's been a year since CÉLINE deck mania, but it's cool to see fashion so interested in skateboarding these days.

And don't miss out on the Kawakubo tee! It's my favorite one yet!


Dries Van Noten mens coat // T by Alexander Wang tee // Altamont jeans // Dries Van Noten boots

Lately I've been more concerned with living life than taking photos of it. There was a time when toting my camera around was second nature, but with Instagram and just plain forgetfulness, I haven't done much documenting these days. Hopefully now that I'll finally have more free time (yay!) I can get back into the swing of blogging. But for now, in my last few days of no work before I start my new job, I'll just hang with these little rascals.

Oh and case in point, these boots were posted on my Instagram a while back but they're new here so let's just bask in all their glory (one more time for me).


I'm sitting here on this rainy day listening to The Pretenders and feeling feelings. Please enjoy these photos of my puppehs.


I've come to realize that although my rules are strict, there are always loopholes. I normally hate PU and prefer to always buy real leather, unless it is purposely made to look even more synthetic. I'm usually not a fan of acid wash, unless it comes in an odd shape conducive to cholo short-making.

After seeing the top version of this cracked PU on Ivania, I clicked on over to ASOS to find that the jacket was better suited to my style and soon had these horrible (read: brilliant) pants in my cart as well. Funny how things go blank for a second.


I was approached a few months ago to be included in a book on fashion blogs. All it took was to hear that the forward was by none other than Susie Bubble and I was game. Plus being in the company of some of my favorite blogs, that's always a bonus and and honor...or let's just say bonor? I've been pretty busy post-fashion week with real life things, transitioning to a new job and figuring out my living imagine my surprise (read: shock) when I saw the cover this morning. Um wut.

My feelings at this moment are urging me to say something like thank you to all my readers, but that sounds too much like an acceptance speech for some grand award. Instead I will just say...corndog to you all.

The book is being released this month and you can preorder it here.


I always mean to do recaps of fashion week but I get caught up with work (read: caught up with my couch after work) and then NY becomes London and Milan becomes Paris and then it's old news and I just want Pringles and a nap. But I can always make time for my #1 gal - Phoebe Philo aka CÉLINE in your face. Let's begin shall we...

For once it wasn't her structured manly vibes, but the swishiness of the dresses that caught my eye. Give me a delicate light swishy dress and I will show you a cold hunched shoulder. But give me a heavy linen swishy dress and I will show you a sashay shante like you've never seen. And those shoes - a little bit Viv a little bit Comme.

The L and R are visually interesting to look at. Oddly enough I like the baby blue and pink combo, but the fur under feet would be an assault on my OCD. The middle pair I would wear. And you would judge me. And I wouldn't care.

The mighty Trio cashin in on the "paper bag" trend too.

And the look I could wear the least but got the loudest gasp.

What? I could wear a shirt under it.


Undercover x Nike

 Those moments when you're torn between hating that something is so exclusive you can't get it easily and loving that lots of other people can't get it that easily either. But damn you until you're mine!