CÉLINE sweater // Flaming Hot Cheetos Limon

I recommend having one good leopard sweater. It does wonders for your body warmth. Wait what?

[alternatives here here and here]


vintage jacket // J.Crew cashmere sweater // Mango leather pants // Adidas Superstars

Imagine these pants as regular sweatpants. Leather really makes all the difference.
(yes I'm still wearing them)

cheaper alternative here!


(I should never go on Maryam Nassir Zadeh)


Every so often the internet yields some really great sites. It's amazing what tangent blackholes you can fall into when you are in maniacal hunting mode (those furry CÉLINE sandals for example). Whenever I see stuff like this it bums me out that I didn't think of it. Pure inane brilliance!

Let this be a lesson that Fashion and Photoshop are truly meant for one another. Check out FashGif!


Theory cardigan // Equipment shirt // Mango leather pants // CÉLINE loafers

I've been really into this silhouette lately - loose top, loose pants, flat shoes. I wrote a lengthy explanation but deleted it because nothing really needs to be said other than HOLY SHIT THESE SHOES. I mean really.


1 / MIA kicks off the festivities
2 / the car appears as MIA performs
3 / Jeremy Scott drives his smart car onto the stage
4 / smart designer Hubert Lee and Jeremy Scott explain the collaboration
5 / Io Echo and Liberty Ross flank Jeremy Scott (ph. Mark Hunter)
6 / my ICBF and #fbff loves (ph. Mark Hunter)
7 / caught by the Cobra Snake tweeting the event (ph. Mark Hunter)
8 / closeup of the wings
9 / A$AP Rocky test driving

A few weeks ago grandma actually went out! I get invited to the occasional press event or party, but I think most people forget that I have an actual real life full-time job and can't go galavanting on any ol' random weeknight. Every so often a rare email catches my eye though - this time with the words smart and Jeremy Scott. I had no idea that a collaboration was even in the works and there wasn't much other information made available so I went in blind, with nothing other than the location (the famous Jim Henson Studios) and to dress inspired by what I envisioned a Jeremy Scott smart car collaboration would be. Interesting enough. RSVP.

As I pulled up it hit me that this was no ordinary event. Super exclusive, super intimate, and I super did not belong there? But I braved my way through the crowd and found a corner where I could quietly blend into the shadows and observe.

And observe I did. Considering it was such an intimate gathering, it was over the top, complete with an LED-lit stage fit for a concert and well, a three song set from MIA for the big reveal. The guests - a mix of Jeremy Scott's friends, the Cobra Snake community, supermodels (hi Anouck Lepere omg Liberty Ross), MIA's entourage, and all the smart car corporate suits - made for good people watching. And the car itself, I don't think anyone would expect any less from Jeremy Scott. Read my thoughts on it here. He explained that the interior was inspired by the feel of a luxury handbag, which it really did look and feel like. Although I couldn't drive it myself, I appreciate that he made it very much his own, and didn't just opt for some custom color and call it a collaboration. And also I heard he's very nice, and I like to like nice people doing nice things. So there's that.

A crazy night to say the least. Crazy, but fun. (but crazy)


Enough of the buying presents for everyone else. WHAT ABOUT YOU?

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BLK DNM has introduced a new limited edition collection of their classic Leather Jacket 8 in different combinations of furs,  exotic skins and leathers, all custom made to order and all sell-a-kidney-worthy luxurious. My favorite is Leather Jacket 8-6 below - a combination of washed lambskin with full-grain texture in black, grey and olive body; with a black, curly, shorthair, sheep-shearling collar and left lapel. Sure would not mind discovering one of these come Christmas (ahem Santa).

Available exclusively in New York, Stockholm, and Colette in Paris.