Feb 20, 2013

Numero #136
Photography Andrea Spotorno
Styling Cristina Casini
Model Kel Markey

This is one of my favorite editorials ever. I mean I appreciate most editorials; the sheer production to put one together and the resulting overall visual...pretty hard to discriminate against beautiful images. But this one...this one...the composition of each shot, the choice of model, and the styling, the perfect styling.

This is kind of what I meant by my last post. The crossroads of inconsistent, accidental, a little street, and high fashion. I think what the 15 year old me would hope to grow up to be?


thechicndamned said...

loving the way they play with the silhouettes

x karen

Andrew said...

this is so flawless

but you're basically there already girl, don't worry

monkeyshines ♥ said...

sleek outwear!


hannah said...

DAMN STRAIGHT! this editorial is sick and totally your style. i'd actually rather see you as the model! ;)



JoJo said...

I'm kinda in awe of how on point those New Balances match that leather skirt. Genius.

Jeanine Brito said...

I'm loving all the leather in this editorial. And the sneakers are such a wonderful detail. I definitely see what you mean by haphazard, and it's brilliant.


blog mode Laura said...

Great photos, I am crazy about this leather (black or coloured)!


Cloudline Chic Flows said...

this is a dream. A dream I tell you!

BackOfTheOne said...

what amazing shoes