Feb 8, 2013


And I am displeased (obvi). This weather is doing nothing for me. But I might have also served myself better had I packed more than 3 tops and white shoes for this blizzard. But in other less complain-y news...

I will be taking over Jen Kao's social media for the next few days of NYFW. Tune in!

Instagram: @jen_kao
Twitter: @jen_kao


Elisa said...

Not in NY, but in London, but same thing here! The damn weather is doing nothing for me either,

Elisa - Wandering Minds

Malibu P.R. Gal said...

yeah... the blizzard thing... not really good for fashion on the whole - will be keeping tabs on Jan Kao!

Lola Jaro said...

lol, your facial expression says it all!


Shini said...

hotel duvet and sewing kit, GO

Nathan Moy said...

I KNOW!! Freakin' out about the blizzard in NY, so sad that the weather's so bad, here's to hoping it doesn't happen here in LFW. Dear NYFW show-goers, please don't bring the snow with ya'll LOL. Have fun and take lots of juicy shots ;D Btw, I've just posted up one my most PROVOKING outfits featuring Erdem's runway printed neoprene coat and matching heels, do tell what you think on the craziness and l hope it entertains ;)

xx The Provoker

lisbonlove said...

Go to Uniqlo and warm yourself up :-)

amalie said...

hahah your face. have fun miss. im jelly xx

Erica said...

What camera are you using here?