above // Maslin & Co towels
available here

above // Fresco Towels
available here

I'm sort of not really into clothes these days. Actually anything at all these days. Other than the chicken and fries I'm about to decimate for lunch. But home goods are usually my default browse stuff when I need a good distraction (which I never do, I need less distractions). These towels are stirring up that ol' need/want/obsessed/every-other-blogger-adjective in me.


Stephanie said...

Those zebra towels are so cool! If only I actually went to the beach slash wore a swimsuit :-/

I know what you mean about not being into clothes or really anything. Maybe there's something in the air, but I feel the same way. Hate everything. Second guessing everything. Wanting everything yet nothing at the same time (is that a song?) Blah fashion.

Nomadic D. said...

Love the fresco towels, though I'm more attracted to the brighter colors:


Would love to have a whole collection of them.


imfashionstoned said...

OH I love these! absolutely fab

Ellinor said...

So cool !