YSL Studio ankle boot

ok so i'm totally biting Lucrecia's blog entry about the YSL Studio ankle boots, but seeing it just reminded me of mine and I need to get this off my chest...photo : fashionispoison

these ankle boot/wedge/platform/monstrosities are the goddamn most comfortable shoes ever! you wouldn't think it just by looking at them, but seriously, they are maaaaybe one of the most comfortable shoes i have in my closet, next to my vans. they're ridiculously unbelievably lightweight and easy to walk in. although i love crazy high heels, i'm older now and i just can't put myself through the pain and discomfort of walking around all day in them. but these....these guys...i could maybe sprint in. and let me just warn you, they give you an extra 5" in height. awesome for petit girls, but i have to admit i sometimes feel awkwardly tall in them, almost herman munster-like. nonetheless, they are !*&$^!*#%#!*$&#@ awesome.

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wool and misc said...

i think i just died and went to hell (because these are not in my closet). these are beyond AMAZING!!