memory lane

went down to the parents' house to help out with a garage sale. basically went through boxes and boxes filled with the chronology of my life. unearthed some interesting things...

Robotech comics

Mandarina Duck paper shirt
ultimate warrior night light. watchu kno bout dat?
OG Disney.
p.s. This is before my time.

X-Men trading cards.
Dungeons & Dragons figurines. SO?
oh shit, my very first pager.
old school Mickey piggy bank. with some not quite major coinage still inside.

no Texas Instruments here
the one and only
Andre the Giant bobblehead. NOT for sale dad.

the humpty dance is for sale

and my signature high school bags - the infamous angel wing backpack (only 3 were made in gold) and my DIY printed Think skateboards army surplus bag


Anonymous said...

JACKPOT!!!! I'm going to have a heart attack. This stuff is awesome!!!
-Joe the Korean Plumber

Anonymous said...

You will always be the coolest person I know.
-Stacks the Crazy Librarian