left: FW08 $11,795 / right: SS09 $10,995

left: FW08 $11,395 / right: SS09 $6,295

left: SS08 $10,745 / right: FW05 $8,800

left: SS08 $6,595 / right: SS09 $4,995

SS09 $3,995

if only i could own this denim jacket and the lips shirt (which is incredible in person).

possible DIY?

Maison Martin Margiela Artisanal


EN VANITÉ said...


Isabel said...

I wanna take a ride of your disco stick, errrr, disco ball shirt?

Anyways, I love it.

Grace said...

Santa owes me a favor! And I think I'm with you on the lips shirt.

Love Grace.

yoshi said...

ZOMG! ok, hold on, let me just whip out a few grand out my back pocket - GAH! waaah

cindy said...

love seeing all these!

M A L Y said...

Where is Yoox located? Can we do an Oceans 11 and rob the shit out of them?

sharinna. said...

amazing ahmaazing pieces.