let's go riding

hmmmm...these would go well with the brilli helmet and a harley davidson iron 883. just sayin.

fiberops x altamont

i got a care package from my pal Aly today - including Max and Bernard plush toys. Now if I could just get my hands on these.

hang tag featuring my pal Aly

max and bernard fit right in with my custom Werecat also made by Aly

you stole my heart

i'm feeling i need to up my luxury factor. since i can't afford the margiela fur neck piece, this comes in at a resounding second. take that madison ave! all i need is a two piece tweed, i mean muslin, suit and a jewelled cigarette holder. instant elegance.
image via shopstandingup

DOT certified?

so clearly i love motorcycles and i've been waiting for the weather to finally get stable to start riding this summer. i'm pretty much ready once i get my bike, but then who says you have to forego fashion when you ride. i've been lusting after this helmet for forever now, and i've convinced myself that i need it now. i couldn't possibly ride without it. i mean, safety first right?

p.s. not my only natalia brilli obsession. still trying to get my hands on this

romance is not dead, oh wait

watched Sid&Nancy for the kajillionth time again. although i do love the sex pistols, i love gary oldman even more. and whatever movie i come across that he's in, 9 times out of 10 i'll watch it. but i digress...the movie does some heavy duty romanticizing of a fucked up love story. let me just tell you i am NOT into romance - in real life and especially in movies. i'm all about guns and violence and cars flipping and gratuitous fighting. i guess i was able to watch this movie so many times because it's bitter sweet and you feel sad by the end. and then you remember how cracked out and generally screwed they are and you go, oh. but then you can't help but be moved by the amazing music and scene upon scene of badass og punk fashion.

the bottom photo is a still of my favorite scene from the movie. go figure the only romance i can stomach is kissing in front of dumpsters with garbage falling from the sky.

riding concrete then waves

while skateboarding and bikes have long been on my radar, what with emerica's annual Wild Ride tour - it never struck me that surfers would be doing the same. i mean strapping your skateboard to your backpack, let alone a harley, is hardly a difficult task. but a surfboard always seemed rather hefty to me to strap onto a bike and ride without having your balance all screwy. apparently not so for the dudes on the Lovers' Land Bike Tour. this would be a dream way to spend a hot summer. if only i could forego rent and all other financial responsibility; along with my obsessive compulsive germophobe tendencies.
while i eagerly await the release of these, maybe a boot version can tie me over.

saturday's child

According to folklore, my being born on a Saturday means I'll work hard for a living. Apparently I'm ambitious, enjoy work, and like to accomplish things. And I supposedly know what I want.

Oh, and in addition, Wikipedia has informed me that Saturday was the preferred day to hunt vampires, because on that day they were restricted to their coffins. It was also believed that someone born on Saturday could see a vampire when it was otherwise invisible, and that such people were particularly apt to become vampire hunters.

Hmmm...perhaps a career change is in order?

bow down

the lovely and uber-talented luxirare was kind enough to mention me on her blog today. not only does she have super rad taste in all things fashion, but her tastes also extend to tastebuds. her insane photos of her adventures in food-making are incredible to follow. she's a punk rock high fashion chef/fashionista/photographer all rolled in to one, aaand humble at that. hers is by far one of my all-time favorite blogs - i check it religiously and am always eagerly anticipating the next entry. if you haven't already checked it out (which i could hardly believe), please click on her logo below and prepare to get your mind-blown.

we could be hair sisters, no?

diary of a madman

hedi you're crazy. and i'm crazy for you.


no seriously. stop.


i'm sure there are all kinds of sentiments for girls regarding foot size. some wish their tiny feet were more substantial and some wish their gigantic feet were more dainty. i just wish mine were the same size as one another. the left is a whole half size larger than the right, which gives me a good range to fiddle with when purchasing shoes, but always leaves me with one fitting right and the other not so much. the pro to the general size of my feet, though, is that i have the option of also wearing men's shoes. which is killer because when i'm not wearing crazy stilt-like heels, my go-to shoes are vans (preferably some sort of black murdered-out combo). i have yet to find a good pair of brogues that i like but theeeeeeese men's pradas i could definitely go for. could being the operative word here, meaning if i actually could afford to.
how many teeth would i have to knock out for a shoe fairy to deliver these under my pillow?

lunch with friends

had lunch with dom and joe a while back and dom was kind enough to throw up some horrendous photos of me on his blog. i'm always down for good food with good friends.
dom's a momo

in real life

in person this dress is super stunning. unfortunately the price is even more stunning.

fashion is fantasy

whatup bram

diggin this pleated collar thing.

damn euros

makeup is the bane of my existence. if only i could go without it. what a dream.

day 3

finally the last day...took in a lot of music, got to see lykke li from on stage and got to see my favorite band again. stoked. my junya watanabe coccoon top was a bit drastic for the excruciatingly hot weather but i managed to survive. we were all dead by nightfall. good music, good times.

day 2

didn't really care too much to be at the shows so decided to hit the dunes with some atv action. discovered a random abandoned boat along the road so couldn't resist an impromptu photo shoot. all in all a good day, but i'm still sore.

managed to hit up some local thrift stores and came out with some rad goodies that i'll throw up in a later post.