13 hour days are doing nothing for my energy level as of late. my low energy level and overall lackluster enthusiasm for getting ready (not to mention this bizarre bipolar weather we're still experiencing) result in me erring on the side of comfort. c'mon it's 5:30 am, give me a break. comfort usually comes in the form of jeans and a t-shirt for me and thankfully the combo within arms reach this bleary-eyed morning was a nonsensical mix match of patterns. do you ever notice how the things that seemingly make the least amount of sense sometimes make the most sense?
F21 leopard coat, Rodarte x Target striped tee, Alexander Wang bag, vintage scarf

One of my most often worn articles of clothing is this black linen Isabel Marant t-shirt I have. I would honestly wear it every single day if it were sanitary. It has the most perfectly cut scoop neck and slight trapeze body, making it by far the most wearable and belly-hiding, go-to top in my closet. I had never known the joys of linen t-shirts until it was gifted to me 4 years ago and I've steadily worn the shit out of it since. I always wanted to stock up on more, but fundamentally don't believe in spending $$$ on something so plain as a t-shirt.

Case in point: Balmain Tee on Net-a-Porter for $1625??????? Rip that shit yourdamnself!

Anyhow, I went to Zara over the weekend and scored these super smooshy, just-as-awesome-as-Isabel-Marant-minus-the-price-tag, linen tees! They come in white, black, and army green. I couldn't resist getting all three.


Olivia said...

good advice!
my ex-best friend is an idiot and always spend loads of money on even a tshirt like this just because he likes the fact that it's branded!

amalie said...

Love the leopard coat!
and yeah i knoowww- geeezz i can rip a tee for free

bravegrrl said...

love your combo and thanks for the tip, i can always use an awesome t at a great price!


Natalie (NJ in L.A.) said...

That coat is pretty radical.

Nia B said...

I agree with you about the tee shirt. Even though the shirt is fab, how can they justify that price tag?

Tc, Nia B

Cruz said...

I find that the best pattern combos come out when I'm fumbling around in the dark trying to get ready! At any rate, IAWTC! Rip that shirt your own damn self!

Anonymous said...

Great tip, thankS!
Was wondering about the sizing for these shirts? Do you fit into a medium or small?


anonymous - mine are actually size L. I usually buy the largest size available in tops.

Anonymous said...

Aw of course I should've known that from reading yr blog. Awesome blog! Thanks!

Unknown said...

I fully believe in buying a flattering go-to t-shirt in every color available.

xx FujiFiles

Rosalyn said...

I saw the Balmain in Libertys in London last weekend and my boyfriend started ranting about the price, hilarious!! Love the blog xx