Because sometimes your heel just feels stifled.

These are a must. If only because they make it look like you're walking really fast. Whoosh~

An update to the metal heel.
The flattened back is what got my attention. The snakeskin is what will get my money.

I bet you my man won't go for these. But I'll double down on the fact that I won't care.


Unknown said...

i love YSL´s
comment back!!!

Freja Wewer said...

Hey you!
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Isabel said...

Sweet Jesus, the Acnes are my ideal boots. Hands down.

L.C said...

that last shoe is pretty mad i have a bad habit of wearing shoes like that. never knew it could be a trend haha

lolo dahling said...

I have been obsessing over those YSL's!! xo

Maria said...

I wear my random flats like that too hehe.....but they're not as dope!

InnyVinny said...

My mom would frown upon that last pair. Walking on the backs of shoes was expressly forbidden. EXPRESSLY!

They are hella cool though. Tell me you'd flip up the backs.

the inspired said...

I want all those shoes!

pink horrorshow said...

Haha, those mohawk pumps always make me chuckle. I freaking love the cobalt blue asymmetrical YSL's that hit net a porter yesterday. They have the same heel and the color is so delicious.

drollgirl said...

the YSL's are to die for! love them.

K A T H L E E N said...

amazing shoes! come follow and vote xo