I went on a business trip to San Francisco that absolutely wrecked me after my coworkers and I thought it'd be a stellar idea to walk from Haight/Ashbury back to Union Square with completely inappropriate footwear and shopping bags up hill, downhill, then uphill, and downhill like 17,000 times on repeat. All on the first day mind you. The next two days were limptastic with fully flared shin splints and the sweatiest armpits but coldest face from all the walking in the icy wind. Three exhausting days and a fat cold sore later I was back home, only to jump back into work and get not nearly enough sleep. I'm just now starting to pull out of zombie mode and have found a moment to finally post my recap of NYFW. I almost didn't because when I feel super behind I usually just hit the reset button and jump forward to whatever's current instead of even attempting to get caught up. Buuuut I knew you were dying to see what I had to say cause, you know, I'm totally important and shit. HA!

Isn't it obvious? ALL RED, yes. Plus you know my preference of wearing clothes I could potentially sleep in - very key for narcoleptics like me. No really. But those glasses - what's going on here? I don't think there's one fashionable person who's ever been able to pull off Matrix glasses. Not one. Ever.

Jeremy Laing
I'm going to admit I didn't know much about him until I saw the amazing bubble sweater, but I do love me some Laing now! Check out that weird sweater thing! Are you as confused by it as I am? It's love. Love makes no sense.
Jeremy Scott
Not usually a fan, but for some reason I always love his weirdo leather pieces. Like the cropped biker jacket from his Flintstones collection that had the jagged-cut bottom hem. Then there's this skirt, which is amazing but probably so expensive. So expensive, in fact, that you shouldn't even start dreaming about it and just go to your local fetish shop as I'm sure there will be something similarly streetwalker-ish there. Streetwalker is my dad's word for WHORE. And this guy...is it just me or does he look way self-conscious?

Can someone please tell me WTH is going on with the fake bangs? I'm thinking runway quality hairstyles are supposed to look convincing. That's clearly not what's going on here. Except for Abbey, who is looking quite boss with her new white hair. Did you notice her rogue toe though? I did. Those two dresses saved the day.

Proenza Schouler

Everything. I want everything. Two things I have a major weakness for. Wood and those blue/white porcelain vase prints. Dear Laura and Kate, thank you for combining the two and bringing joy to my eyes. Oh and Kate, I love you for wearing New Balances. ps. I have those. YAY! Shoe twins, high five!

Lately all I want are slouchy, comfy cardigans and anything with leather or leather trims. Oh hi, look it's everything I ever wanted! With bonus Wonderwoman cuffs. I can be the Cashmere Superhero, fighting the war against itchy wools and acrylic blends.

Alexander Wang
As trendy as the brand has become I've loved every collection because he makes such beautiful, clean, wearable things. Until now. You're no longer in the circle of trust, Alex. Unless you give me these awesome shoes. Then we'll call it even.


pictures and creatures said...

"I'm totally important and shit." HAHAHA! LOVE YOU MORE AND MORE!

InnyVinny said...

I'm glad you recapped. I have no f'ing clue what went on for fashion week.

Now get some sleep!

leflassh. said...

haha you are amazing.
loved this.

bravegrrl said...

thank you. for making me laugh. numerous time during this one post. i really needed it :)

kinda dying over that last pair of a.wangs

Carolyn said...

honestly yours is probably the first nyfw recap i've fully read and thoroughly enjoyed! nothing gets me like a good laugh ;)

btw sf's hills are insane. i can't even walk back and forth haight in heels without hailing a cab toward the tail end (my feet are whiny spoiled brats..) more power to ya!

Karafina said...

hahah, this was awesome.. totally whats up with the fake bangs, and im sooo feelin the rodarte line up..

btdubs, yes walking haight and ashbury ---> union square is a fucked up thing to imagine, i wouldn't even do it with flats... our hills are pretty cool looking, but completely unforgiving!

koko // res pulchrae said...

honestly i skipped everyone else's re-caps cuz i was like, hello, i can enter "style.com" into the address bar by myself... BUT i did go through yours, i think it was the added graphics that caught my attention. and also, you just admitted that wood is one of your favorite things ::snicker::

Rackk and Ruin said...

love the recap. I LOVED Proezna Schouler as well, especially the look Abbey is wearing in your post. mmm mm mm

denise - SUPERWOWOMG said...

1. those fake bangs

god i love reading your posts hahaha

Sister Wolf said...

Would you say that the Rodarte collection is a Salute to the Country Kitchen? They should've added some copper accents....

Maria said...

TSE and Laing, I veeery much approve!

Unknown said...

great post, i love hearing your straight up opinions!


Amalina said...

You are too funny. I die from laughing every time I read your posts. Then come back alive cause I just have to read more.


DREAMY said...

amazing. hilarious. totally agree with your wang analysis.

MeganRose. said...

loved this!! i can't believe you walked that far!!!

Eddie said...

I LOLed at your rogue toe comment on Abby Lee. I think you're hilarious and can count on a good laugh every time I visit your blog. The A. Wang shoes are sick.