I have this really tiresome part of my personality where if I think to do something, I have to do it no matter how tedious it is. I'll hate it the entire time I'm doing it, but I'll do it anyway. Fashion week feels like forever ago, but here are some of my favorite looks regardless.

I appreciated that Nicholas Ghesquiere cast people off the street. I think the one on the far left is one of them. I'm into the overall look of the show, but I hope he goes back to weird structured things soon.

The crazy foil-y pieces were my favorite! I wonder if your face would get really tan if you walked around in those in the daytime?

While I do appreciate the aesthetic of the Balmain look, there is no way in ever never ever I would pay the kind of money required to buy the tattered tees even just to buy one of those jackets. Good look, stupid ass price. Unless you're a Vietnamese farmer.

The transparent trench is genius, especially with the stripes under.
Clean lines and RAWR with huh? hair.
I'm obsessed lately with bold solids mixed like this. This is favorite outfit #2.

One of my favorite collections of all the Fashion Weeks! Everything is so wearable. Below is my favorite look #1 of the mixed solids look. I would hypothetically wear the far right look for my hypothetical wedding - if I were to have one.

These would also be suitable alternatives to the wedding dress. Geeez what's on my mind?

Monochromatic outfits any day. Asymmetry any day. Or both.

I want these. The green ones.

More to come.


Anonymous said...

Then I'll take brown. JP the cold as ice hot plate.

Sister Wolf said...

Hate them all, but big props to those Vietnamese farmers!

Maria said...

hmm...just noticed how cool hair givenchy had. inspired by vietnamese farmers, perhaps?

Pennerad said...

i like the brown ones in the middle.
soooooo...wedding bells?

Clara said...

These shows were sick. Particularly loved balenciaga, jil sander and givenchy. Teeny weeny bit bored with the balmain aesthetic and the price tag doesn't help matters either. Either way, i wouldn't say no to some jeans,a jacket and a perfectly tattered tee.

InnyVinny said...

Can I sing at your wedding? I'll do it for free.

She Wears, She Shares said...

Loving the thumbs up! I can't help but laugh at how you approach your post sometimes.You're such a pro with Photoshop too. It drives me nuts!

I agree when it comes slashed tees. The price makes no sense. Rip up your own freakin clothes.

CLAIRE said...

THANK YOU re: prada shoes. I got into an ARGUMENT with my boyfriend about them because I will definitely be getting the orange ones if they come out and he hated them. HATED. It was so strange that fashion brought out such a visceral reaction like that. (http://www.joeyzine.com/journal/?p=320)

Anonymous said...

i like the thumbs up the best

JJ Scholl said...

killer picks. the thumbs-up is just freakin funny.

Michele said...

Awesome! These were my favourites as well, except Balmain. I really agree with you on the prices. What kind of douche would buy a 1000 dollar fucked up tshirt?

Cami said...

I love your iron wit lady-pants.
You git me every darn time! Chortle chortle chortle.

etoilee8 said...

Fuck yeah, Rick Owens.