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This is what you call Perfection.

don't even get me started on Andrew Mukamal...swoon. I'm pretty sure he's reading my mind.

good news bad news

Good news: these Nicholas Kirkwood x Rodarte heels are available at Luisaviaroma
Bad news: they're about $1706.40 more than I'd like to spend

Good news: finally got around to bleaching my hair
Bad news: I look like a cheap hooker now! or is that the trend?? score for me then!

*sigh* already missing my natural hair color below...


Zara linen tee // RVCA jeans // AA hat // Celine platforms

I love you summer. I mean it.


via vanillascented

If I can manage to find them, these will be my next "flats" from Won Hundred. Love the little wrinkly bits in the back.


Zara linen tee // vintage flight suit // Gareth Pugh two tone wedges


What do you do for a living?
I'm a mens apparel designer in the skateboard industry.

What is your nationality?

How tall are you?

I was wondering what your family members are like.
My family, we're like bros - not at all the stuffy, formal relationship type. My brother is my idol and the reason why I am the way I am. He got me into music and skating, gave me my sense of humor and opened my vision to be able to see all the small things in life. He's by far the coolest person I know.

I imagine that they are really cool...and maybe your dad is a biker?
My parents were the quintessential strict Asian parents growing up. All my friends were terrified of them, but my mom had the most wicked sense of humor (when she wasn't calling my teachers to request extra homework for me) and my dad turned into a teddy bear. He loves hanging out with my friends and trying to be one of the gang. He's definitely not a biker but he's the ones that taught me about cars and has always supported my love for bikes. We always talk about getting a Ural sidecar and taking a roadtrip just the two of us.

What is your next big goal in life? Where are you going?
Marriage? Domestication?

What would be some of your guilty pleasures ATM?
First of all I had no idea what ATM was - I was wondering who the heck would want to know about ATMs?! I'm not up on all these new generation acronyms. Ok so guilty pleasures would be the internet (!!!) and eBay (!!!!!!!)

How exactly is it that you make the topknot appear sophisticated, when the rest of us have a tendency to look like post-diet sumo wrestlers or enormous babies? Is there a secret? Some kind of pin-n-twist technique going on?
Sophisticated you say? Pixel Man is laughing himself to tears by now. I am far from sophisticated, trust me. And depending on where you are sumo wrestlers and enormous babies are considered very hot I'm sure. Consider moving there? But if you must know, I just gather all my hair at the very top of my head and then twist into a bun, then secure with Goody Spin Pins. If you haven't tried them, you must, they are a godsend. My topknots actually used to give me a gnarly headache after a few hours, but now that I have a foot and a half less hair, they're much more tolerable. I don't like them as much though because the bun is so miniscule.

What universally inspires you? I don't mean a hobby, or even a deep interest...but a passion that runs deeper than your physical being. What is that passion for you?
I have a deep deep appreciation and admiration for people who have their wits about them. Sharp people that are on it. There's nothing worse than people that aren't paying attention and sort of glide through life in a haze. I just want to snap my fingers at them wake up! People that catch all the details and take care of business inspire me to be better and work harder.

How long do you take to get ready in the morning?
Usually around 15min. I shower at night and I hate doing any sort of beyond necessary "getting ready" step. Brush teeth, wash face, apply powder, get dressed, out the door. I am in awe of girls that blowdry/curl their hair and apply a full face of makeup everyday. Such things are reserved for the most special of days when I actually have hours and endless patience to commit to looking presentable.

What's your biggest fear?

What languages are you fluent/conversant in?
English, Korean, and French a while ago but now....pfffffft.

Do you believe in magic?
in a young girl's heart?

What kind of camera do you have?
Nikon D3000

What are some of your (not fashion related) hobbies?
Cooking and cleaning

How did you get started in fashion? How do you get invited to all these cool events and such?
I grew up sewing clothes and skateboarding and during college the two just sort of melded and I got into my industry now. I hardly ever get invited anywhere - it's pretty common knowledge I'm a hermit. What you see here is only 1/125th of my actual life. You should see all the rad times I'm on the couch and the other gnarly moments I'm shredding in the kitchen in my pajamas. Good times!

Do you like chest hair on a man?
Only if I can tweeze it off

Do you like seafood?

Please don't be offended? This is only meant in curiosity...but how old are you?
I'm 31 ((gasp)) and I take no offense whatsoever. Everyone needs to get over this age thing. Do I wish I were younger? Sure why not! But do I stress about my current age? Not in the least. The twenties are such a drag, so unsure. It's nice to finally be comfortable.

If you have a college degree, where did you go and what did you major in?
I went to a UC here in southern California. I was a Visual Arts major.

Do you still skateboard? Does it influence your fashion?
I only push around once in a while now, but hardly ever. I'm too scared to break a hip. These old bones are brittle. (kidding) I absolutely think it influences my fashion. Well maybe a lot more growing up but still now yes. It's a certain lifestyle and culture that you can't really explain. If you're in it, you kind of just know.

What do you believe in?
I believe in paying attention. I believe in being kind to everyone. I believe in not being cool. I believe in telling stupid people that they're stupid (someone has to!). I believe in being good to your friends and being great to your family. I believe in working hard for what you want. I believe in my abilities. I believe in doing what you say and saying what you mean.

When is your birthday?

How do you photoshop your pictures so nicely?
It's actually quite embarassing, but my photoshopping skills aren't that great. If you look closely, it's all pretty sketchy. I'd just rather have weirdo goober pictures than stuff that's pretty and serious - that's not me. I don't really have good backgrounds to shoot in front of and I'm not the best photographer so I feel compelled to spice the things up in whatever way I can, which is usually crude photoshopping!


What's your favorite decade and favorite piece of clothing?
I'm going to cheat: I like the 30s, 40s, and 50s because women were very proper and took pride in how they looked 24/7. They always looked so groomed and picture perfect at any given moment - even at home cooking. It's such a departure from any other decade following and from nowadays. I don't like it to emulate in my own everyday fashion, but I certainly appreciate the structure and discipline of it. (taken from when I was tagged here)

What's your favorite memory involving food? Preferably, as a kid.
My elementary school friday nights when my dad would bake something and my mom would do crafts with us. Sugar cookies and paper bag puppets or tiger cake and rice paper kites to fly the following Saturday morning at the Queen Mary. Also every wednesday after school in junior high for me and my dad's ice cream sundae date nights.

What's your favorite movie from your childhood?
Dirty Dancing

Favorite pair of shoes in your closet?
Chloe Susans (best everyday-wear shoe)

What's your favorite online store??

What's your favorite band?
way too many, but will always have a soft spot for Dead Kennedys, Murder City Devils, and Cibo Matto

What's your favorite food of all time?
anything my mom made

What's your favorite Starbucks beverage?
I'm not much of a coffee drinker so I don't frequent Starbucks, but when I do it's usually the Tazo Passion Iced Tea.

What's your favorite City?

Where's your favorite place to hang in LA?
my bed

Where do you usually shop?

What's your favorite store to shop in?
thrifting, Barneys, Opening Ceremony, Creatures of Comfort, Jet Rag, American Rag

Your favorite vacation spot? Your dream city/place/state to live?
Anywhere tropical or woodsy for vacations. I would love to live in Tokyo around crazy inspiration or be in the French countryside riding horses and making preserves.

Who's your favorite comedian these days?
Dave Chapelle where are you???

What is your favorite piece of clothing you own?
Ann Sofie Back asymmetric biker poncho

What are your top 5 favorite songs of all time? why?
I can't name a top 5 but I'll share some links with you:
-Dead Kennedys Holiday in Cambodia
-Cibo Matto Sci-Fi Wasabi
-Solomon Burke Cry To Me
-Loretta Lynn Fist City
-Murder City Devils Press Gang
-Beastie Boys So Whatcha Want
-Gillian Welch Black Star
-Doris Troy Just One Look
...and the best ever...

What are your favorite TV shows? On air or off?
The Golden Girls

What is your favorite quote?
"I don't hate people, I just feel better when they're not around." -Bukowski

**EDIT: my apologies to Kirsty for forgetting her question!
What is your favorite Pokemon?
This guy because it reminds me of a Mexican Axolotl


Thanks for all your questions!

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✖ BACK by Ann Sofie Back lookbook ✖


vintage Loretta Lynn tee // Zara snakeskin pants // Celine platforms


What got you interested in fashion/who's your fashion inspiration?
My grandmother and mother were both adept with sewing and knitting and taught me both at a very early age. That's what got me into the construction aspect of clothes. In high school, I was a weirdo punk/ska/skaterat kid that wanted to dress crazy so I used my rudimentary skills to make myself tutus and dresses out of smurf print bedsheets. I guess that was the actual starting point of me getting into "fashion" before actually being exposed to designers and trends. I just wanted to be different and dressing outlandishly was my outlet. People who know what they like and really commit to it inspire me more than anything. It's not about racing to get the hottest new item or competing with everyone else, it's about knowing yourself and what you're comfortable in.

If you could get rid of one designer, who would it be and why?
I'm not a big fan of the Heatherette-types.

Who are your top three style icons?
Diane Keaton, Francoise Hardy, Tina Chow, Janis Joplin

Who's your favourite designer and where do you get your fashion inspiration from? Does it change with the seasons?
I never have a favorite anything in life! My tops are Ann Sofie-Back, Margiela, Ann Demeulemeester, Rei Kawakubo, Junya Watanabe, Jun Takahashi, and Takahiro Miyashita. There are always new ones coming and going with the seasons. Phoebe Philo can do no wrong at the moment.

Whose closet would you raid if you had the chance?
I hate to admit it, but Vanessa Traina? Not a fan, but I do envy her access to designers.

What is a current trend that you hate and want to set on fire?
Not really a trend, but I can't stand inconsistency in the way people dress. It comes off as a lack of self awareness. Not to say you can't have different styles on different days, but there should be an underlying "you" through every look. Some people are extreme boho one day, biker the next, then demure, one day sexy, and on "off" days grunge. Too much trend is never a good thing. Find your identity!

Hi! What fashion item will you splurge on this fall?!
Eyyy! uh I really need to stop with the shoes and finally get myself a new bag. I would really love the perfect pair of red boots too.

What is the one piece in your wardrobe you could never live without?
My RVCA jeans. With every new torn seam I die a little inside. I need to find the perfect replacement pair before they completely fall apart.

What is your most valued purchase of all time and why is it so special to you?
The first time I bought a car on my own, the second time I bought a car on my own, and buying my dad a nice suit for the first time - for all the obvious reasons! Fashion-wise, my Rodarte jacket, Fendi bag, Celine platforms, Chloe Susans, Ann Sofie Back jacket - all the steals that were the rewards of patience and aggressive hunting.

Who or what inspires you when it comes to fashion?
Like mentioned above, just all the people who really know themselves and dress accordingly. All the people that inspire me aren't necessarily how I want/like to dress (some are), but I admire their ability to stand out by looking like themselves. You can tell when someone is just doing a trend. I appreciate people who bring something fresh to the table. Oh and the Japanese, they make the bizarre look totally normal.

What's your fashion faux pas and what's your fashion DOs?
DON'T always have to look "pretty"
DO dress comfortably - literally or figuratively

Where in the fashion industry do you see yourself in 10 years?
In my own little boutique with my own humble little line.

How do you stay involved with the fashion world, outside of blogging?
I don't. I hate talking about fashion or being around fashion people. Clearly, I love fashion, but it doesn't rule my world. It probably also has something to do with the fact that I'm not a very social person. Also, too much exposure sometimes taints your views. I like being inspired by other things and applying those to the way I look at fashion.

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the need to keep up with fashion or just to stay looking so great? If so, any tips as to how to get out of that funk? I know I get caught in that feeling often -especially because I work for minimum wage.
I never feel overwhelmed. I'm in my early 30s now, so I left all those feelings in my 20s! You just have to stop caring at some point. Always trying to keep up with people or trends is going to result in a confused style and a tired you. It's not a competition, no one's rating you. Do what you feel and make no apologies. Don't be fooled, I don't look great all the time, or even half the time! And never ever let your wallet dictate your style. Make do with what you have - that's where creativity is key. This is where you separate yourself from the pack.

What do you think of the styles of those "It Girls", say, Alexa Chung?
She's pretty, but her style does nothing for me - along with any of the "it girls" - come to my hood in Echo Park/Silverlake and you'll see a million hipster girls that have dressed like that for years. It amazes me that fashion people are just now praising styles that have been around for ages. Granny chic is not new. Neither is punk, people.


I was wondering if you want to reach a goal with your blog. I mean, I've opened mine because I'd like to share with my readers what I find/discover on the net about fashion. Why have you decided to open yours?
There are lots of different blogs out there - uber creative ones, inspirational ones, informative ones. Mine started out of complete boredom as a place to house all my random, shallow, ridiculous thoughts - almost like a dialogue with myself. I've never had a goal for the blog. I think if I had other motives, it would sway the content drastically and that's not what I want. It's all in good fun here.

Your top 3 websites you visit everyday?
my friend's brand blog thehundreds, bloglovin, and eBay (it's an addiction)

Your top 3 blog sites?
See the sidebar for my tops! --->

How long did you think about getting a blog before you actually made one?
The second I thought of it, I just jumped in - thus the sketchy early posts. But I like where we're headed.

What blog are you addicted to?
FAIL blog.


I know I've been complaining about summer starting so late and not being warm enough, but yesterday apparently summer decided to bring it hard. It was the most stifling heat ever. This is what it felt like...
Which would have been tolerable if it were like this......
but it was actually more like this...
vintage D.A.R.E. tee // F21 striped maxi dress // Celine platforms (never taking these off)



I wasn't sure how to tackle all the questions at first - do I edit? select a few? go in order? I just decided to group them into categories and go from there. Here we go with the first of a three part series...


What's wrong with flannel?
absolutely nothing, I wear it almost everyday

Why can't you show us photos of you in a flannel, jeans, and Vans 24/7?
is that a request? because I can...I just assume it would get boring after a while

Hello, do you want to start a long hair club?
Hi! I would love to! Wait 3 years for me to grow it out again yeah??

Did you ever get one of those hand candles? I reall y want the black one, the "Fuck You" candle but have no idea how to get it!
I never got around to it. Check their site here for stockists. Order me one too while you're at it!

What's the most irritating place you've gotten a mozzie bite?
I lived in Korea, where mosquitos overflow in the summertime and I swear they're trained in hypermilitantannoyance tactics. These fools are unrelenting and might I add stupid - they will suck you til they explode. I once had ONE mosquito bite me ELEVEN times in one night, two of which were graciously on each eyelid. I looked like I got a precision donkey kick to the face.


If you had to wear one item, apparel or accessory, for the rest of your life what would it be?
my hypothetical future wedding ring?

You have to live with one celebrity. Who would your famous roommate be?
Jenny Shimizu. I could be her little sister. Call me!

If you could travel back in time & be a famous person of your choice, who would you pick?
James Earl Ray. I would shoot myself instead of MLK Jr.

If you had to choose a selection of people to have round for dinner, and have a big chin wag with, who would it be and why?
My mom and Ghandi. Small intimate dinner with two people who could teach me to be better.

If you had a chance to live in another country, what would it be and why?
Japan! It's all in the details.

If you could wear one top, one bottom, one dress, one jacket & one pair of shoes for the rest of your life, what would they be & why?
Top - Complex Geometries sheet tee
Bottom - my RVCA jeans
Dress - pass
Jacket - my Ann Sofie Back asymmetric biker poncho
Shoes - any black flats
Comfort rules my world.

If you could pick someone to be your twin, who would it be?
How about if I could be someone else's twin? I would take Bar Rafaeli's body.

Batman or Robin?

Lanvin or Celine?

What three things would you bring on a stranded island?
Slim Jims, Tonic water, and my man

If you could be Mr.T for 24 hours, how would you spend those 24 hours?
Being Mr.T! Spreading goodness in the world like always! Mr.T can do no wrong.

If you really had to choose, what would you pick: never, never, never wearing high heels again or eat fat worms to every meal in like a year?
NEVER NEVER NEVER wearing high heels again. I can do without them now!

If you had to choose...clothes or shoes?
Easy! Shoes! I'm a cheapass with clothes...I'll wear your dad's yellowy under tee and your brother's dingy sweat pants if I can just have some nice shoes on my feet.


Hummingbird or flamingo?
Hummingbirds seem cooler and dainty, whereas flamingos are more dopey...much like myself.

Which do you prefer: Rick Owens or Margiela?
I would love to be a RO girl, but I'm more Margiela I think.

What's more important to you - your Gareth Pugh two-tone ankle boots or Mr.T?
Wearing my Pugh boots to hangout with Mr.T would be the jam. Don't make me choose.

Cat person or dog person?

And I leave you with this as a token of my appreciation.


L: Stella McCartney // R: Topshop
GARETH PUGH AW10 JOIE DE VIVRE featuring Raquel Zimmerman

(click here if you missed his AW09 video)


And the results of the giveaway are....
Congrats to Superfluamente!

Thank you to everyone who entered and submitted questions. I will answer them right away!


I wrote this lengthy essay of a post, but deleted it cause all I actually want to say is...

Celine SS10! Yeah dude!!!

Now if only I had this outfit to wear them with...
Wanting every single one of those leather tee cape thingys in a bad way now.


Celine Resort 2010 biker jacket

Laurence Dacade boots


I was invited by Natalie (@FashionIntel) to attend the launch of the new Brian Lichtenberg x Forever21 collection last week. Hadn't been to a "fashiony" event in a while so I left my hermit shell at home and actually attempted to be social for once. Admittedly, my decision to go was swayed by the food court that I knew would be adjacent to the red carpet below. Note to F21: Beverly Center Terrace was a great location idea - next time might I suggest a Panda Express x F21 collabo?
Ann Sofie Back asymmetric biker poncho // Zara linen tee // vintage flannel // Photoshopped disguise // shorter hair

I Alicia. Follow her on Twitter - guaranteed never to get any work done ever again. Hug hug, kiss kiss, hug hug, big kiss, little hug, kiss kiss, little kiss.
Shop the collection here.
The weekend went from bff's newborn repairing more this....Nisei week in Little Tokyo! Complete with parade of fan dancing little old Japanese ladies. Super kawaii.
And also a trip to Wi Spa, where my friend rather abruptly asked me what I'm going to do about all my freckles/age spots; which, combined with my man's almost obsessive love of hats on me, prompted me to buy one of those wool floppy ones from American Apparel. Wore it out to protect my face from the blazing sun, but took it off after 30 seconds of forehead itching and a beaded upper lip a la Whitney Houston live. Oh and HELLO to the lovely sales associate, Jen, who recognized me and was met with an awkward/creepy smile and what was, I'm sure, a cracked-voice thank you. Sorry I was so sweaty.
And now another week begins...

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