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This is what you call Perfection.

don't even get me started on Andrew Mukamal...swoon. I'm pretty sure he's reading my mind.

good news bad news

Good news: these Nicholas Kirkwood x Rodarte heels are available at Luisaviaroma
Bad news: they're about $1706.40 more than I'd like to spend

Good news: finally got around to bleaching my hair
Bad news: I look like a cheap hooker now! or is that the trend?? score for me then!

*sigh* already missing my natural hair color below...


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If I can manage to find them, these will be my next "flats" from Won Hundred. Love the little wrinkly bits in the back.


✖ BACK by Ann Sofie Back lookbook ✖


I wasn't sure how to tackle all the questions at first - do I edit? select a few? go in order? I just decided to group them into categories and go from there. Here we go with the first of a three part series...


What's wrong with flannel?
absolutely nothing, I wear it almost everyday

Why can't you show us photos of you in a flannel, jeans, and Vans 24/7?
is that a request? because I can...I just assume it would get boring after a while

Hello, do you want to start a long hair club?
Hi! I would love to! Wait 3 years for me to grow it out again yeah??

Did you ever get one of those hand candles? I reall y want the black one, the "Fuck You" candle but have no idea how to get it!
I never got around to it. Check their site here for stockists. Order me one too while you're at it!

What's the most irritating place you've gotten a mozzie bite?
I lived in Korea, where mosquitos overflow in the summertime and I swear they're trained in hypermilitantannoyance tactics. These fools are unrelenting and might I add stupid - they will suck you til they explode. I once had ONE mosquito bite me ELEVEN times in one night, two of which were graciously on each eyelid. I looked like I got a precision donkey kick to the face.


If you had to wear one item, apparel or accessory, for the rest of your life what would it be?
my hypothetical future wedding ring?

You have to live with one celebrity. Who would your famous roommate be?
Jenny Shimizu. I could be her little sister. Call me!

If you could travel back in time & be a famous person of your choice, who would you pick?
James Earl Ray. I would shoot myself instead of MLK Jr.

If you had to choose a selection of people to have round for dinner, and have a big chin wag with, who would it be and why?
My mom and Ghandi. Small intimate dinner with two people who could teach me to be better.

If you had a chance to live in another country, what would it be and why?
Japan! It's all in the details.

If you could wear one top, one bottom, one dress, one jacket & one pair of shoes for the rest of your life, what would they be & why?
Top - Complex Geometries sheet tee
Bottom - my RVCA jeans
Dress - pass
Jacket - my Ann Sofie Back asymmetric biker poncho
Shoes - any black flats
Comfort rules my world.

If you could pick someone to be your twin, who would it be?
How about if I could be someone else's twin? I would take Bar Rafaeli's body.

Batman or Robin?

Lanvin or Celine?

What three things would you bring on a stranded island?
Slim Jims, Tonic water, and my man

If you could be Mr.T for 24 hours, how would you spend those 24 hours?
Being Mr.T! Spreading goodness in the world like always! Mr.T can do no wrong.

If you really had to choose, what would you pick: never, never, never wearing high heels again or eat fat worms to every meal in like a year?
NEVER NEVER NEVER wearing high heels again. I can do without them now!

If you had to choose...clothes or shoes?
Easy! Shoes! I'm a cheapass with clothes...I'll wear your dad's yellowy under tee and your brother's dingy sweat pants if I can just have some nice shoes on my feet.


Hummingbird or flamingo?
Hummingbirds seem cooler and dainty, whereas flamingos are more dopey...much like myself.

Which do you prefer: Rick Owens or Margiela?
I would love to be a RO girl, but I'm more Margiela I think.

What's more important to you - your Gareth Pugh two-tone ankle boots or Mr.T?
Wearing my Pugh boots to hangout with Mr.T would be the jam. Don't make me choose.

Cat person or dog person?

And I leave you with this as a token of my appreciation.


L: Stella McCartney // R: Topshop
GARETH PUGH AW10 JOIE DE VIVRE featuring Raquel Zimmerman

(click here if you missed his AW09 video)


And the results of the giveaway are....
Congrats to Superfluamente!

Thank you to everyone who entered and submitted questions. I will answer them right away!


I wrote this lengthy essay of a post, but deleted it cause all I actually want to say is...

Celine SS10! Yeah dude!!!

Now if only I had this outfit to wear them with...
Wanting every single one of those leather tee cape thingys in a bad way now.


Celine Resort 2010 biker jacket

Laurence Dacade boots


I am fully aware that I've been blowing it these days. Still trying to get back into the swing of things and I'm saving you from having to look at photos of me in a flannel, jeans, and Vans 24/7, so really you should be thankful. Blogging is hard when you're in a fashion coma. In the meantime here is another giveaway - sorry it's not all that special but hey, it's something right? I will be giving away this Forever21 double finger cross ring and this Noir stud ring to one randomly chosen person. Just leave a comment here with any question you'd like to ask me along with your email address.

  • you can ask me questions even if you don't want to be entered in the giveaway, just don't leave your email address and I'll omit you from the drawing
  • enter giveaway/leave your questions by Wed 8/18

These questions will be answered on a later post, so ask me whatever you're curious about. I can't promise I'll get to every single one of them, but I'll try. Ask away!

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Need one of these for my desk at work today...(CRANK UP THE VOLUME)

You're welcome.


My friend does this thing with me sporadically over AIM/iChat that he refers to as "Real Time Tumblr" haha. It's my favorite part of the work day. You should try it. The randomer the better.


How fun does Caillianne from Beckerman Bite Plate look here? I admire how they always seem to have so much fun with their clothes and photos. I'm not into all their looks per se, but I don't think you have to be completely in sync with someone's fashion choices to respect their creativity and ballsiness. This is, however, one of the times I'm 100% on board with the entire look - not only because she has a version of the Stella shirt I want and don't even get me started on those Chanel boots. I don't even like the color purple, but that Etro bag is giving me the chills.



Shakuhachi SS11


Can someone please find me this Topshop top I saw on Rich Hippie?? I only see it in grey or brown online and how friggin annoying is it getting that friggin Los Angeles still does not have a friggin Topshop. If any of you are near a Topshop and can locate a black one or if you have one hey! sell it to me yeah! Let's talk -

Need I even explain?

Leather-wrapped Super Flattops. Coming soon to Barneys.

"You never met a shoe you didn't want."

Says my man. Absolutely not true, but I do admit that when he gives me the usual reprimand, I almost always respond with some variation of "No you don't understand, I've been wanting these for a while..." which, in my defense, is usually true. I don't typically get too obsessive over any current or upcoming shoes, but rather, find myself hunting and scouring eBay and the www for past season shoes that have constantly eluded me. After all, I'm no millionaire or even thousands-ionaire, so I have to pick and choose and put a lot of thought into which shoes I can actually afford to buy - even after extensive research over the absolute cheapest possible prices. He finally got sick of me sounding like a broken record so had me make him a tangible list of these shoes that I have allegedly "been" hunting, to prove the list is not growing exponentially by the day. Of course there are a few new(ish) pairs, but in the vast sea of shoes that come out every single season from countless designers and brands, one or two is nothing really. Mind you, there are of course shoes other than what's on this list that I ooh and ahh over or blog about and occasionally do purchase, but here is my ultimate wanted list of shoes that keep me up late at night and give me heart murmurs when I think about them.

The stars are the top top TOP ones that I think if I could just get those, I would quit buying shoes altogether, but they always seem to be in the wrong size or ridiculously priced. Some of them you might notice I've had previously but got rid of in hopes of finding the more favored colorway or a better-fitting size.

I would say my man generally thinks all my shoes are crazy and over-the-top, but I'm always thankful that he's a creative-type and can still appreciate the art I value in them. I was really shocked at his favorite pick from the lot, but immediately took that as a green light to pull the trigger and finally get them. Yes, I got another disapproving head shake...but at least I know for sure he'll like them.

Takuma Lenin Daidoji

This makes me want to have a little guy. Need a little Joey Hysteric.

note to self: bleached Vans


Sorry for the slow down in updates. I made a (temporary) move to be closer to work since my commute was sucking all the life and motivation out of me. It blows when you only have 3 personal hours a day to get everything done - including eating dinner and showering before sleep - so more like 1.5 hours for internet/movies/bf/friends/errands/bills/laundry/etc/etc...

I will miss you lake.

Randomly saw my old Bumble & Bumble campaign in a salon window in Berkeley.

Yard sales.

I'm beyond paranoid of talking on my cell while driving but I will, without hesitation, risk my life to get pictures like these...
Almost got into an accident for this one.

Don't need a cookie to tell me I'm fortune-less.

Coworkers' birthday breakfast potlucks end up like this when you leave it to the boys.

And like this when you leave it to HR.

Nevada desert.

Oh hi.


Saying goodbye to these sunsets. For now.

iPhone photos