The holidays are upon us. Time to crack open those wallets and get to spending. Here are some things I'd love to receive. *ahem family reading* and psssst! They won't break the bank!

  1. Voluspa Saijo Persimmon candle - No more sweaty husband smell! Promise!
  2. Jas MB leopard clutch - REHR!
  3. Theyskens Theory boots - Can't say no to a good black boot? Me either!
  4. Marni Emerald ring - Better than socks I'd say.
  5. NARS Schiap nail polish - The most jarring pink out there.
  6. Yohji Yamamoto: Me Dear Bomb book - For all you Yohji fans.
  7. Alexander Wang Jaclyn boots - See #3 (and then go see the price)
  8. Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation - Seriously the best!
  9. Tom Binns safety pin earrings - Real safety pins in ears isn't punk rock, it's tetanus time.
  10. IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores - This shit's like real life Gaussian blur for your face. Truth!

(Jokes aside, you need #10 in your life. You're welcome.)


wool and misc said...

we're surfing the same wave(length)

vanessa said...

I want that sandwich ornament

william said...

The wang boots are soooo gorgeous, but not too comfortable. Good for the office or an event.. not so great for extended walking.

Nadia said...

You just sold me on the candle (damn no international shipping) nailpolish, foundation, safety pin earrings, wanting a new pair of black boots and the gaussian blur shit. I must be a marketer's dream cause that was way too easy. NEED it all now hahahaha need cash first :(

HISLENS said...

Seriously, if I was a girl I would be all over #7. Wang boots are just sooo good!



Brigadeiro said...

I second #8 - it sure is! Love Armani's Face Fabric foundation too ;)



Fashion Treatment said...

I am in love with that NARS nail Polish!! That is a great stocking stuffer :)

.∆∆∆∆∆. said...

the ring and book and nars....omg..love it

Annie Chang said...

amazing picks! love the ring!


Caitlin said...

Obsessed with the leopard clutch and NARS nail polish!!


Ashley said...

LOL @ the description of #10. Fond of the earrings and boots. Also, looking up this book.

Unknown said...

LOVE THIS LIST. and your previous post is unfreakingreal.

i found my laurence dacades on ebay for an insane steal! i'm sure they'll find you, somehow. : )

p.s. you always look perfect.



InnyVinny said...


Unknown said...

Just added your bag to my Christmas list. hopeigetit

Emily Kropp said...

I just bought myself those earrings! I had been eyeing them for a long time and was finally just like FUck it my birthday is coming up soon so.

Also I lovvve the makeup picks! Def going to try that pore hider.


Jazzi McG said...

further proof we were meant to be together: I just bought some Wang boots, love that NARS polish AND swear by Giorgio Armani foundation. Only problem is they discontinued my shade (ARGH!)... I bought the entire stock left, so I'm good for like a year, but still.

bruna marx said...

Wow!cool picks.

Anonymous said...

Outnet had the marni ring for about $100. Too bad it sold out. This would have been the best birthstone ring ever.

Brandy Shaloo said...

most things from your wishlist could also be on my wishlist!

Ria said...

The pin earrings are so cool.

Anna (South Molton St Style) said...

That clutch is unreal, I need it! Just found your blog through thathartblog.tumblr - love it! Am now following xx

Merry Christmas xxx

cnvs_design_studio said...

this thing: IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores
is it like those bare esscentuals? coz those make my pores look even bigger and my pores aren't that big to start out w...

and the alexander wang jaclyn... omg i wanted to get those but changed my mind bec all i can see is needing a crutch to walk!

Natalie (NJ in L.A.) said...

That hoagie ornament is the bees knees.

ray said...

i too have always liked that NARS

i never splurge on polish

does want

good luck with the list!

Anonymous said...

Argh, I want one of everything..!




Anonymous said...

i love the ring!
lovely post!

Anonymous said...

Those Theyskens boots are 50% off - all of the Theyskens fall collection and shoes are half of - Theory on Melrose!! Xx

The Fashion Philosophy said...

We love, love, love this! Fab post!

Wardrobe Stylists, NYC.


Anonymous said...

i just purchased the Alexander Wang boots, all thanks to this blog post!
Much thanks, amiga.