Some time ago, the lovely ladies of Eleven Objects sent me this very special collar. So special, in fact, that I have not had one worthy occasion to wear it in the past like, oh I don't know, TWO MONTHS since I'd received it. Seeing as how I look like a transient five days out of the week, there are not many sweatpants that would do this collar justice. Plus, you know how you envision a look in your head, but then you're like oh but where am I going to wear an electric blue shirt and white shorts to? Well finally the day came when there was something more exciting than the supermarket.
Equipment shirt // Eleven Objects collar // Emerica DIY shorts // Phi boots // Cast of Vices bag

Before the honeymoon, I was looking for a lighter alternative to my everyday bag to travel with and I wasn't about to pay $$$ for a PLASTIC bag that's supposed to look like...a PLASTIC bag. But of course a leather bag that's supposed to look like a plastic bag makes perfect sense?

And the winner of the Hasbeens x H&M is Kaye I! Congrats!


Can I just get this...or this...

...for my birthday?

(Notice how I didn't say "and" up there? I mean, if that's not selflessness, I don't know what is.)


My new favorite. She motivates me to step up my photo-editing game.

(not to mention my overall dressing game)
You mean to tell me the FW04 Balenciaga jacket of my dreams was reissued this past winter and I totally missed it? (assuming in my fantasy world I would have been able to afford it)

#^$%(@*&#^@&$%*%@&^@$%)@*&# !!!!!!!


via Moda Operandi

I'm not one for everyday jewelry. The ones that usually catch my eye are the real in-your-face, statement pieces that just totally make the outfit. They may be classified as bib necklaces but if ever the day came when food particles made their way between those bead crevices, my OCD would be pushed to the limit. Still, worth it for even a day with one around my neck. The Roarke Aztec is still one of my favorites necklaces ever. SERIOUSLY EVER.


The people behind the Hasbeens x H&M collaboration have so graciously allowed me to giveaway a pair of the sandals. The above style in a size 37 will go to one lucky reader. Just follow me on Twitter/Bloglovin/Google and leave a comment on this post with your email address to be considered entered. I will choose one reader at random on Monday May 30th!

(Rest In Pink)

Macho Man Randy Savage (1952-2011)

May you be wearing this...
...doing this...
...forever in spandex heaven.

Snappin into Slim Jims will never be the same.


Zara top // Obesity and Speed shorts // Ann Demeulemeester boots

Finally got these shorts and I plan on living in them this summer. Baggy everything.


Zara is totally speaking to me.


(less Joey Lawrence, more Neo)
Vintage army parka // Zara linen tee // Comme des Garcons x H&M shorts // Ann Demeulemeester boots

Husband : You've been doing a good job saving money. Better than I thought.
Wife: Yeah! I deserve a bag!
Husband: A bag of what?
Wife: ...........


vintage skate vest // Asos dress // Chloe boots

Yet another errand-filled day and a trip to the California Cactus Center in the recently oppressive California heat. A husband and wife whither by the minute...

Him: I wish you could have me on a leash and just drag me around so I don't have to walk.
Her: Wouldn't it be better if we just got you a wheelchair? That would make it easier for me...
Him: You would really do that?

And then he bought me a fancy dinner...with my debit card. This is romance.


film by Ksubi

Colored tires are so gangster. But not.


One perfect short, one perfect dress, and you're ready for summer.


The weekend started off with an interesting twist - I thought my eyeball was going to explode. Turns out it was just allergic conjunctivitis...nothing a few medicated eyedrops couldn't cure. Crisis averted, depth perception saved. So with my newfound appreciation for clear vision and easy blinkage, we took the ol' orbitals to go see the Art in the Streets show at the Geffen MOCA. Go check it out and support your local artist!

Evil Twin shirt // Monki dress // G√ľnt studded Converse // Margiela rings

Haring mobile...

Kenny Scharf room...

Studded Converses are a hit with cholos. Who knew?!

and I was like....WHOA....

and then I was all....hmmm....

but Pixelman was like....DUDE.

Ed Templeton!

Eeep! Neckface!

oh hi Erik...

and Ed Harris was there too...


(So you know it has to be good.)