3.1 Phillip lim jacket // H&M dress // Versace sunglasses // Balenciaga boots // Givenchy bag

The great thing about California is that there are all these little pockets of visual variances just a few hours drive away. I chalk it up to the weather being friendly and attracting all kinds of cultures who set up shop here. Solvang is one of my favorite random spots in this great state that never fails to make me feel like a kid again. It's kind of like a Danish Disneyland for adults. Grab a pretzel, look at some porcelain tchotchkes, and be back home in time for dinner. Perfect for a quick holiday trip.

Side note: that last photo was taken with an iPhone. Kinda nice if I do say so myself. As bad as I can get at blogging regularly, I kind of rule at updating my Instagram. Sad for my personal life, but good for you guys if you need a quick peak here and there. I'm @stopitrightnow, duh.

Also, HOLY SHIT I'M WEARING A DRESS. Take it in, I know.


Theyskens Theory boots available here // House of Harlow flats available here

Isn't it just so heartbreaking when a shoe you love and adore...and research and hunt...and purchase and wear...ends up an unflattering dance of the Praying Mantis? There's absolutely nothing more unbecoming in fashion than a girl that can't walk in heels. And I think my day has come. I have to hang up my dancing shoes and embrace the fact that I just can't do heels anymore. Don't get me wrong - a monster platform, a thick wedge, a fat chunky heel - all day every day (just kidding maybe 6 hours and some Excedrin, but still). I'm going to need to invest in some nicer flats - first up, these!

selling my size 38 Theyskens Theory boots here


available here

Still dreaming.


Celine vest // Target turtleneck // Cheap Monday jeans // Burberry Prorsum boots // Celine sunglasses // Givenchy bag

Hapkido? Jedi? What the hell is that girl wearing? I think these are the more common thoughts of the general public. But in the cyber world, I know you get me. I realized later that the belt really takes it to that Tae Kwon Do level, so maybe next time I'll go sans. I wish these photos weren't so blown out so you could see the topstitch details that made my mind go blank and had me whipping out my cc faster than you can say haya! So as one Instagram follower noted correctly, this is the capelikevestcoatkeepmewarmwithoutmakingmenervouslyclaustrophobic thing as previously mentioned. Happy holidays. My unrestricted arms salute you.


1 . 2 . 3
4 . 5 . 6
7 . 8 . 9

Now which to get? I'm leaning towards 5 and 9.


If I had somewhere fancy to go.

Coming in for the steal right at the finish line, my favorite video of 2011.


Alexander Wang vest // Zara cashmere jersey shirt // Cheap Monday jeans // Burberry Prorsum boots

As the year comes to an end, I'm trying to master the art of letting things go - literally and figuratively. Letting go of caring about useless things gets easier with age, almost an automatic occurrence. But letting go of old habits is another story. One thing I've learned, though, is that the more you let go of things cluttering your life, the clearer things become and the more room you've made for what you really want. Rather Confucius of me I know, tis the season.

My closet is almost down to just the way I envision it to be... for the hangers to breathe and things to be pulled with ease...
...the ability to mentally catalog everything because there is that short a list...
...mostly in plain view and not forgotten in some dusty corner...
...the only two reasons for taking up space in my life being
A. so basic it's a necessary staple or
B. pulling on my aesthetic heartstrings so perfectly I would be a fool to pass it up
(double points for A and B)

As of late I've developed a love for these sleeveless coat extra long vest whatchamacallits. Perfect for claustrophobically-challenged dressers like myself. That stifling in the armpits or the extra burdensome weight on the shoulders make for difficult coat wearing. This is kind of the ideal solution? I've already invested in another I have yet to reveal. Now to find the perfect turtleneck for those with ultra sensitive gag reflexes. Literally.


Vintage camo jacket // Nowhere sweater // Ashish pants // Zara heels

This is the only sequin article of clothing, or actually article of anything, that I own. I've been saving myself for Ashish. The sequin part of my being, no matter how small, belongs to him wholly and completely.

On a more podiatric note, these damn shoes annihilated my feet. Pulverized bones, shredded skin, poor squished toes. Sorry feet, I was foolish. Shame on me.


After that last failed attempt at a yard sale, we gave up on purging for a while. But after some almanac studying and dodging of last weekend's rain, we won't let our closets get the better of us this time around.

There will be a few more local sellers and a bounty of cheap stuff, good stuff, designer stuff, regular stuff, basically just a bunch of stuff you might want.

Also, we'll be holding a sample sale of Brook&Lyn goodies inside Keystone Row. I know you've been sad that New York has all the good sample sales, so don't say I never did anything for you my west coast people.

Hearts and farts.


Received a curious little package in the mail yesterday...

A paper weight? A bath bomb? A door stop? I'm really curious...

Aha! Rings!

When the packaging is just as good as what's inside.

Thank you RP/Encore!


The holidays are upon us. Time to crack open those wallets and get to spending. Here are some things I'd love to receive. *ahem family reading* and psssst! They won't break the bank!

  1. Voluspa Saijo Persimmon candle - No more sweaty husband smell! Promise!
  2. Jas MB leopard clutch - REHR!
  3. Theyskens Theory boots - Can't say no to a good black boot? Me either!
  4. Marni Emerald ring - Better than socks I'd say.
  5. NARS Schiap nail polish - The most jarring pink out there.
  6. Yohji Yamamoto: Me Dear Bomb book - For all you Yohji fans.
  7. Alexander Wang Jaclyn boots - See #3 (and then go see the price)
  8. Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation - Seriously the best!
  9. Tom Binns safety pin earrings - Real safety pins in ears isn't punk rock, it's tetanus time.
  10. IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Pores - This shit's like real life Gaussian blur for your face. Truth!

(Jokes aside, you need #10 in your life. You're welcome.)


Vintage camo jacket // Bruno Pieters x Weekday sweater // GAP skirt // Yohji Yamamoto x Dr Martens boots

I'm trying not to look like such a slob at work everyday, but I only end up looking like a fancier slob? Perhaps more energy to fight the good fight in 2012. I'm hoping to ring in the new year with a very directional closet. No more holding onto things A. because I paid good money for it damnit!, B. because someday it will come back in style, or C. saving it for my future hypothetical non-existent daughter that I may never even have.

(which is good news for local California people, hint hint......)


via Style Bubble

My favorite emerging designer as of late.
J.W. Anderson is boss.

UO long sleeve // T by Alexander Wang tee // RVCA jeans

Thanks for the feature Refinery 29!



Giuseppe Zanotti // Pringles


Isn't she something?

It's safe to say that the single most rewarding thing about blogging (especially for an introvert like me) has been meeting really cool people that I would have otherwise never met. Take Molly here, do you know any jewelry designer/magic thrifter/amazing dog (hi Elmer!) owner/vegetable-endowed/killer dressers that look like this?