So yesterday the weather diarrhea-ed a whole lot of snow on the city, which means sludge, which means dirty sludge, which means goodbye nice fashion shoes. I luckily stuck with my A$AP Rocky x Bag Lady fashion concept and managed to stay warm. Shout out to Uniqlo Heat Tech! This is me at Milk Studios after the day was done.

Really excited for the Jen Kao show today. I spent the day yesterday at the studio and got the behind the scenes scoop on today's show. Truth be told, as much as I appreciate the brand's aeshetic, the past collections have been a bit too feminine for me to actually wear. But this collection, give me everything! Lots of menswear and Japanese patchwork inspired coats. Mink accents like below. Just everything. I want it all. Stay tuned for the runway show. And follow me on their social media!

This is what it looks like outside currently. Nemo is really doing no favors for fashion week.

So here I am posting from the Tribeca Grand and waiting to the very last second to go out into the cold.

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amalie said...

awesome! i'll check out jen kao. love your jacket in the first pic!! xx

Isabelle Angele said...

oh my god i snorted at your description of nemo. it was one of my most unladylike times

Erica P. said...

THANK GOD you posted a shot of a breakfast with ACTUAL food. I just looked at like 20 photos of berry medleys with chia seeds. Then I felt really bad about myself. Then I looked at yours and felt much better. Thanks.


"nemo" weather is a common winter casualty just a bit up north... enjoy.