You know what's really exciting? When you look high and low for a cool iPad Mini case and can find nothing until one day you discover that your new bag comes with a separate envelope clutch (that we will say is free, you know for the sake of this narrative) that happens to magically fit the aforementioned gadget like a glove...which then fits into its own perfect little compartment inside the bag, leading one to believe that this tote was in fact specifically made for me to discreetly hijackborrow my husband's Mini.

Little surprises, small victories.


Lola Jaro said...

ha! I love that!


cyeoms said...

i love that skit. makes me think of the universe as a hotdog... in a bag and..

Shilo said...

Except, yikes! That clutch has a magnetic closure right?

Magnets + computers = baaaaad scene.