Last night I went to an event for D-Bar, denim and drinks, in the newly renovated Saks Mens Store in Beverly Hills. Why am I at a mens store you ask? Well I do draw a lot of inspiration from menswear and let us not forget my 2013 personal style goals being centered around 3.1 Phillip Lim Men (Spring) and Saint Laurent Men (Fall).  So okay fine, I had some ulterior motives - snooping around at new collections and seeing just how baggy I could take my shorts - but the D-Bar really was unexpected. It seemed like it was built in honor of every guy in the world who has ever had to follow their lady shopping and wait around department stores for hours playing games on their phones and feigning interest in dress hem lengths. A place for men to shop without feeling like they're (groan) shopping. The new mens store is being relaunched as The Fifth Man this weekend, so go shoot some pool, get a haircut (yes really, in the D-Bar), oh and buy some stuff. (maybe make your lady wait around this time?)

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I loved what this blogger had to say about Men disliking to shop....All the men in my life LOVE TO SHOP!