1 // view from my room at Tribeca Grand
2 // Acne scarf prep before heading to NY
3 // snowmageddon weather = close toed shoes
4 // best color combos at Creatures of Comfort
5 // deceptive windowscape while thawing
6 // double faced cashmere is the way to go
7 // Helmut Lang runway show vantage point
8 // Adidas high tops for trudging through snow
9 // say hello to the street style photographers

Another snowy February, another Fashion Week. While September's NYFW season brings out all the dresses and sandals, with February comes the strong coat game and necessity for ankle coverage. Snow is beautiful yes, with it's soft fluff blanketing the streets (and tree branches and mailboxes and tables and bicycle seats and basically everything else outside), but it makes not for fun dressing. I mostly just threw on as many layers as possible and ran back to the hotel with every break I had. Room service and bathrobes won over press events and parties. Pro tip - Tribeca Grand has the best #glutenfreecardamomcakes. While I'll miss the in-room dining dessert options and turn down service chocolates, I'm glad to be back home in the land of warmth and one layer bottoms. Next up, a mash up of my NYFW looks. Bet you can't wait! (all 5 of you)

See more about my NYFW experience on Grand Life here and here.


RAYNE said...

Out of all the bloggers that I saw at NYFW, I so appreciate that you were the most realistic about the weather. I saw way too many skirts and stilettos which as a native new yorker I know is not an easy task through slush and dirty sidewalks. I love your wool looks and flat boots, nice to see someone not trying too hard and still killing everyone! K i'm done now.


Emily said...

That first picture is brilliant.

Melissa dv said...

i'm excited to see your outfits because from what i've seen on instagram it was right on spot. ugh can't stand all those bare-legged and ankles people, can understand that they got sick or will get sick. it's not natural so yay for layers! x

amalie said...

oh man i love these pictures. x

Anonymous said...

I think you are way past being ironic about the amount of people who follow you... :) Seeing you in Céline's sweater gave me high anxiety for not owning it. SO good.

Léopoldine said...

I'm pretty sure we are more than five ! ;)

Anonymous said...

All five of you! phsshhh.. i can't wait for that post. I loved your jeans that you wore.. love the fit and am DYING to know more about them. :)

Unknown said...

This is why I love your blog.. 9 beautifully shot photos and you tell a whole story.



Jurg said...

Nice Adidas. They almost have camp even. (Not talking about the Y St. 3s LOL)

the blame on mame said...

Seriously though I can't wait for your outfits.All the other bloggers with high heels and skirts seemed so funny during NYFW! Jayne you are the best,says who?! Me and a lot more than five other people!

http://irenffs.tumblr.com/ http://theblameonmame.blogspot.gr/

Lulu said...

Cannot be doing with the open toed shoes in snow just because its fashion week, love your realism and style combined