cha ching

next paycheck, YOURE MINE.

why hello there

when oh when oh when oh when??

Jeeves & Wooster

"Part of the Hidden Art Select range, these pendant lights suitable for any aspiring gentleman or conscientious manservant where class and sophistication are the essential components to illumination. Jeeves’s bowler hat is lined with a refined gold interior, whilst Wooster’s top hat has a more distinguished silver lining. Both exude that quintessential British combination of regimented style and eccentricity."

i concur.



that Natalia Brilli skull miniaudiere has been haunting me, but this little wooden number is pretty enticing too...


for some reason lately ive really been into all things bleached/tie dyed, blue/white combos.

particularly this karen walker tulip dress...

and these briat atwood suede flat boots...
(not together of course)
dress: available at Revolve
boots: available at Luisaviaroma

one day

color me mine

not only are these my favorite looks from the christopher kane spring 09 show, but i love all these shoes. possibly time to incorporate more bold colors into the wardrobe this year.

i mean...

yes please.

dont forget the sidekick

stiles and his many styles..."life sucks then you die"nuff said. dicknose.

leather craft

i went through a huge skull phase years ago. just couldn't get enough. but when Grail stuff started popping up and then of course Ed Hardy bullshit, i deemed it necessary to eliminate all things skull from my wardrobe. however, as of late, i've been rekindling my love for cranial anatomy. these skull bags are to die for.

wow wow wow wow wow

oh spidey

squashing the beliefs of many a child...


right now. right. now.

upon closer inspection

lots of interesting finds at Soap Plant WACKO La Luz de Jesus

El Clasico

stopped by El Clasico tattoo shop in echo park the other day to say hi to one of my bestest friends, Jessi...
she was voted most uique in high school and boy was she ever. haha don't hate me jess. MAJPIB.


if erin is a RAWR, then i'm more of a bicawk.


with one of the infamous circle bags.


gabi - adi - ange

i used to be a huge fan of AsFour in the nineties when they were, well, four. but after the departure of the fourth member, kai - the one with the beard and moustache on only one side of his face - they've continued to create as threeASFOUR. their personal style is amazing. while rick owens and gareth pugh are killing it now, they have been around since the early nineties doing avant garde when the new york fashion scene was on the downhill.

home sweet home

i'm going to miss my apt. it's the most amazing dream jewel-of-a-find apt. onwards and upwards...
my trusty plant,
vintage Hysteric Glamour skateboard deck,
lowrider bike,
Tech Decks

pick me up



on the fence

yes? no?

alaia on fiya

YSL Studio ankle boot

ok so i'm totally biting Lucrecia's blog entry about the YSL Studio ankle boots, but seeing it just reminded me of mine and I need to get this off my : fashionispoison

these ankle boot/wedge/platform/monstrosities are the goddamn most comfortable shoes ever! you wouldn't think it just by looking at them, but seriously, they are maaaaybe one of the most comfortable shoes i have in my closet, next to my vans. they're ridiculously unbelievably lightweight and easy to walk in. although i love crazy high heels, i'm older now and i just can't put myself through the pain and discomfort of walking around all day in them. but these....these guys...i could maybe sprint in. and let me just warn you, they give you an extra 5" in height. awesome for petit girls, but i have to admit i sometimes feel awkwardly tall in them, almost herman munster-like. nonetheless, they are !*&$^!*#%#!*$&#@ awesome.


i had been hearing for so long about these insane french macarons (not to be confused with macarOOns) that the first time i was in paris years ago, i had to stop by Printemps to try some. There is a little cart inside that sells L'Aduree macarons, the most amazing delicious fantastic crazy mind-blowing pockets of goodness. my favorite is framboise.

i haven't had many in california, but i was just reminded of L'Aduree over christmas when my cousin came home from paris and brought some back! i pretty much inhaled those suckers and then had to find some in LA. There's a place called Boule that gives L'Aduree a run for its money.

i highly recommend the pistachio, huckleberry, and lavender vanilla.

need these

why can't women's stuff be as amazing as this?
fuct never fails.