Cryptic title huh? It's my revenge on all of you who ROFL, LMFAO, and IDK, IRL to me. I can't hang with all these acronyms. ROFL? Right Out of Left Field? Oh wait, that's ROLF...seeee?? Well I guess mine isn't all that difficult to decipher considering all the tweeting and blogging and general PR buzz that went on leading up to Fashion's Night Out. I attended the 3.1 Phillip Lim event at his Los Angeles boutique on Friday night to support my friend, artist James Jean. James was commissioned to do portraits of 20 of Los Angeles' most buzzworthy wearing Lim's new collection.

The spike-lined walls look treacherous to navigate around, but they're actually not. Perhaps even good to rub your back against according to Bobby. Massage anyone?
Look it's Huy! Hi Huy! Hi Oscar! Both were wearing Phillip Lim jackets that I wanted to steal.
L: Devandra Banhart / R: Lily Aldridge
L: Rachel Bilson / R: Samantha Traina
Rashida Jones
and my personal favorite: Selma Blair. Good thing my friend bought this one. I can go oogle it more at his house whenever I want.
Hi bud.
above images all via thehundreds

Weird eyes and sour faces. Oh look, there's Pixel Man.
High-fives for everyone!
Why hello. Remember my portrait? It's in James' latest Process Recess 3.


Unknown said...

i think the rashida jones is my fave. can i get that book online?

btw i love your hair. seriously cant wait for my roots to grow back. the drew doo!


noirohio vintage said...

hi. your hair is amazing.

Valentina said...

You've got a great face. And I love the ombre hair happening, too!

Unknown said...

gorgeous photos!! the portraits are to die for.


Julie said...

Seriously, you're the coolest. Love the hair!

Amy T said...

so so pretty.
and the spiked walls remind me of a levi's shop window display, but instead it was shiny metal.

the art work is pretty amazing too. oh how i wish to have such a talent.


I believe posturing new portraits, is where it's at right now.


Natalie (NJ in L.A.) said...

That is such a beautiful portrait of you! I ended up napping through FNO but I'm sure I'll make it out next year.

Pret a Porter P said...

that asymmetric moto cape/jacket is really fascinating, very cool on you.

pangstr said...

oh my goodness. i LOVE james jean's artwork. i used to look at his moleskin sketches / work for prada for hours. loving your new hair too!

Kim said...

Wow your hair looks fantastic! It looks so healthy!
Also, my boyfriend will be jealous, he is the biggest james jean fanboy.

oui said...

Dear Jayne,

i love you!


dotLIGHTdot said...

i really like your hair!!!
i thought you had died it completely, which may have looked weird, but half? PERFECT

and that jacket you're wearing.. i die

Gold Dust Women said...

Okay this is too creepy...
I was at the event and totally oogled your beautiful cape/ jacket/ coat/ ?

Now that I realize I READ YOUR BLOG (weird...small world), I MUST know who makes this piece!!

Please let me know so I can oogle it in my own closet!!!


SuetSuet said...

love your hair :)

denise - SUPERWOWOMG said...

yeS! that illustration of you is amazing!!!! I wish someone drew me hahah

Sitting In A Tree Kissing said...

Sooo so soooooo great!!

Clara said...

I agree with the comment above...your leather biker cape jacket thing is INSANE!

and so is your hair!!!

Sarah Dee said...

I love the Selma Blair painting, its phenomenal!


zhila said...

your hair looks amazing!!

InnyVinny said...

DAMNIT!!!!!! I should have gone. Ugh.

Julia M said...

You're so beautiful :) and your hair is looking fiiiiiiiiine!

Nadia said...

You're fucking gorgeous!!!