random roundup

Alexander McQueen ring at Saks

Ashish AW10 at Browns

Thank you to everyone who sent me links in regards to the Stella dress. They were beyond helpful! After some more research the one I liked the most was the dress below from Japanese brand Haricot Rouge, but still I can't figure out how to buy it. More links! More links!

And then there's this Quiksilver dress at American Rag. Figure could maybe remove the waist tie thing? Close enough, and not bad for $80.

And during my search of keywords "white", "blouse", "shirt", I stumbled on the below PushButton caped shirt at Asos. Me likey.

Oh and also this image on Asos.......which makes me wants to buy whatever it is, NEVER. In fact, she looks like she's warning me NOT to buy it.

And of course another Balmain fail.
(Which incidentally was part of the New Arrivals. DOUBLE HUH???)


Needing this Stella McCartney dress in a bad way. If any of you see a cheaper (*ahem, much cheaper) alternative, please leave me a link and I will be most grateful.


I have a confession to make. I've had this secret indulgence for a while that I haven't wanted to share with the rest of the world (shame on me, I know), but I just can't keep it to myself any longer. This has been one of my all-time favorite sites ever - Fashematics. Enjoy.

(click for larger view)
Topshop Unique // Victor & Rolf

Giles Deacon // Pedro Lourenço

Viktor & Rolf // Junya Watanabe

Chanel // John Galliano

If you're not laughing out loud at the John Galliano + tequila = Mickey Rourke combo, then we can't be friends. There are way too many other mind-blowing equations to put up here, so go see for yourself...


I recently made the acquaintance of James from Children of Vision, which is a great boutique in New Zealand that has an impressive roster of international designers that are, frankly, sometimes diffucult to find here in the States - at least not in one convenient shop. Bernhard Willhelm (ahem), Complex Geometries, Daniel Palillo, Deadly Ponies, KTZ, Rad Hourani, and TV to name a few. The great thing about discovering new boutiques outside of the US is that they usually have different items/colorways than what's offered here in the US. James and I agree that's it's really refreshing to meet other people that are genuinely enthusiastic about fashion. He's super helpful so do stop by the shop if you're around NZ, or take a peek at their online shop. There are lots of new items coming in soon so check back frequently.

He's also been busy with his own line Jimmy D. Below are some of my favorite looks from the Summer 10/11 collection, entitled Power Trip. It's almost as if I personally requested each and every one of these looks to suit my preferred summer dressing - loose and drapey.

I would happily wear just these looks all summer long.


I'm a tad late on this, but nonetheless wanted to draw even more attention to the Blogger series rings from Meadowlark that are getting a lot of buzz everywhere. If you haven't yet, you should definitely go order one of the 50 limited pieces from each blogger's custom designed ring.

Cami & Nadzig of DI$COUNT created the crazy ring below and all of the equally crazy imagery to showcase it. Beautiful ring and beautiful photos from two very beautiful girls. Pick your nose in style. DO IT!

If having a silver finger tip is not your thing, then maybe leaving divets in someone's face after punching them is...get on Gnarlitude Jen's awesome three spike ring!

Or maybe you have delicate wrists and punching's not your thing either, there's always the equally effective method of clawing eyeballs out. If that sounds like something you'd be interested in trying, pick up one of Garbage Dress Zana's lethal rings!

I've included all the links for you so click and you're there! Now whip out your credit card and

what next?

All this reminds me of is this guy below.

"The coolest you'll look pooping your pants."

Why yes, when I'm pooping my pants, looking cool is my main concern.

Just stop it already.

(oh the best part: they're referred to as "Limited Edition")
*slaps palm to forehead*

I CAN'T...

Just stop it. Yes, right now.

heavy metal

above pair available at Karmaloop // below pair available at Oak

Why is it that all the Jeffrey Campbells I seem to gravitate toward usually have some sort of metal plating?

gimme that!

mandy coon via elle street chic

Calling on all my internet savvy readers. Currently obsessing over this dress by Bernhard Willhelm and a herringbone cloak of his as well (that I can't seem to locate at the moment in the vortex that is my pictures folder). If you guys know of any obscure online sites - maybe euro or asia - not the obvious ones like farfetch etc. that carry his stuff, could you leave me a comment with the info please? I'd be much obliged. *tips hat.

It's fairly obvious by now that I love Chanel, but I have to clarify that I love Chanel when it's like the above. I don't know if I'd buy a 2.55 any time soon (not to imply that I could), but if there's a gun, or a functioning lightbulb, or a plexi cassette, or a frickin take away box involved, then get out of my way! The above left is from the new Paris-Shanghai collection and limited edition...which basically translates to IT WILL NEVER BE YOURS. Sad face...

Even though I got rid of my own pair, I'm still on the search for the lightbulb heels in black velvet and gold. I just couldn't get down with the silvery glitter of mine. Black is always better for me anyway. So if you ever see a pair, don't be greedy...let me.


I hate hats on me. My man loves hats on me. The only hats I've actually seemed to like are Acne's - this one and the Sue Ellen hat from a little while back. I hope he's not reading this, or else I'm going to find it in my room tomorrow. Er...maybe that's a good thing? The look on the right is everything a thumbs up was meant to be. It reminds me of my friend Emmelie, who could probably wear the shit out of it.