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The best present I received was this Skateboarding 3D book by Sebastian Denz from my brother, complete with old-school 3D glasses and all. It's a big book, so I scanned just a few to share.

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And check out the interview I did for Hellz Bellz here!


Robe? Jacket? Coat? Puffy! Scarf belt! Red shadow plaid!

Oddly shaped tee. Rose print. Is-that-a-denim-skirt-he's-wearing?

Things that confuse me in a good way.

Thanks be to Amanda, my Japanophile counterpart, who is always in-the-know with all things obscure and bizarre; a girl after my own heart. Every time I visit her I get a little bit more pants-peeing and can't wait for my trip in the spring. Hurrrrrrrrrry up April!


Hope everyone is having a warm and festive holiday!
But what would Christmas be without gifts? So here is my gift to you.

I dedicate this moment to you, my dear readers.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!


Scarves are wonderful until they:

A. choke you
B. need constant adjustment from slipping off

I like this one because it doesn't seem like it would do either, ho ho ho!

But I could be wrong (it happens) which case, bah humbug!


top: Jil Sander SS11 // bottom: Ann-Sofie Back Atelje SS11

If I were to have a wedding, this is what I would wear.

But I'm not.


Keeping it somber through Fall...

Already looking forward to overdosing with color come Spring.

Good thing I'll be in Japan. Ima go BUCKWILD!


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You on the will be mine.


Illustrations by the lovely and talented Esra Røise.


All of the above are oil on canvas. Can you believe it?

Kwangho Lee 이광호 Touch exhibition at Kukje Gallery, Seoul

I sure do love me some succulents.


Hisashi Fukatami of Diet Butcher Slim Skin
at his SS11 exhibition.

The dolls around him represent his twenties, forties, sixties, and eighties.


Silk Cashmere scarves from Sophnet.


spotted at lefashion / images via hommemodel

I try not to post too many editorials anymore, but this one is too good to pass up.

Elle Nov 2010
Motoshoot styled by the great Kate Lanphear


But more like need.


The only thing I like so far.
Crazy bejeweled jacket with baggy corduroy pants. Sure, why not.


I would like, in no particular order, the following:

A new Airbag Module. My mechanic says it's no big deal that the light has been on for the past 3 months, but clearly the man has no understanding of my OCD. I've never wanted to punch a little red symbol so hard in my life. Everyday.

Laser Surgery for my age spots (that you haven't seen because I use a really awesome concealer called Photoshop) and microdermabrasion for shits.
A new esophageal tract. Life with GERD is not easy. Perhaps Trident would like to gift me this one since I'm probably responsible for 1% of their business. (1% of the world is a lot) If they ever discontinue their spearmint gum I'm fucked.
A home to call my own.
Would die for a lifetime supply of corndogs.
Not literally.
This jacket... (@*#&^%*@!%$*&^@$!*&^*#&!!!!!!!!)
Or these pieces from Weekday. Actually, how about just having a Weekday, Monki, and COS in the US. That would work too. (Zara online also) You Euros have all the good shit.
A closet full (bursting, really) of Celine. Still looking for these....
And this....
But in the end, I would just settle for a white Christmas.