just discovered my new obsession - Garage Company here in Los Angeles. Taken over by Yoshinobu Kosaka in 2007, they have everything from sick custom bikes to vintage motorcycle brand tees, to decals galore. Here are a few favorites...

custom Triumph Bobber

1947 Royal Enfield Bullet

Cass this one's for you, it's the Bastard Son. Any relation to Bad Mother?

oh and no big deal. the bike they custom built for Michael Schumacher for his retirement from F1, courtesy of Ferrari. whatever.

check out their site HERE !


some people have been asking me about my DIY shredded tees so if you'd like me to make one for you, please email me at and i will consider making them on an as-ordered basis. you have a choice of black, white, or beige. price is $100 + shipping.


i 250% back this

image via jakandjil


my friend Erik (who started one of my favorite brands of all time, Fuct) threw a surprise birthday party for his lady Emmelie and WOW...i don't even know where to begin. i thought my party was awesome but this was beyond. we already know they pull out all the stops with amazing cakes, like the one they had for their daughter Bella's 2nd birthday, but when this was unveiled there was a collective GASP and a moment of silence for its sheer epicness. Anvil would be proud.

suppppprrrrrrrise Emmelie!

yet another DIY Raquel (be forewarned - i plan on wearing these all damn summer!) + Yohji Yamamoto Doc Martens

and then THESE were brought out. FUCKING Rock of Love dude! Erik had made backstage passes a la Rock of Love for each one of us with our photos and names on them and everything.

and thennnnnnnnnnnnn. THE STRIPPER. who kicked off the show by putting all the passes around Emmelie's neck like she was fuckin Bret Michaels, with the theme song of Rock of Love blasting in the background. check out Reese in the background!

aaaaand here's where it starts getting waaay NSFW so i'll stop here.

we each got our respective passes at the end. now that's what you call a grown ass party favor!

Alexander Wang Rico bucket bag + vintage scarf + backstage pass


sunny days yield lasers

i love random days when you really have no plans and a quick trip to the post office turns into a full blown day of unwarranted hangout sessions and seeing friends. especially when the weather is sunny and there is art to be appreciated. saw my friend Dom for a bit then headed over to meet my buds Joe and Bobby at Canvas LA, a gallery space/store on Fairfax to check out the current art displayed.

my gun lighter is a hit. everyone tries to jack it cause pulling the trigger shoots the red laser pointer. i think Bobby actually still has it :/
i'm wearing DIY Raquel tee AGAIN, denim shorts, gladiator sandals, my new Wang Rico bucket bag!

oh and picked up these new sneaks from The Hundreds today. Thanks Bobby! i think they're the first non-Vans sneakers i've owned in YEARS. And yes, that is 100% Mr.T on my Blackberry.


if you don't go buy Gnarlitude's new tee right this minute!

get it HERE !


went to the Transformers 2 : Revenge of the Fallen premier last night in Hollywood to support my friend. You should go watch it. Although I'm a purist when it comes to action films and sincerely abhor action movies with underlying love stories, I enjoyed this sequel more than the first one. I just don't understand why they can't make Optimus Prime's voice less douche-y. I mean, is he really Batman in disguise?

wore my new Rodarte jacket/cardigan. it's black yarn with tulle along the edges and fringe along the bottom and on the shoulders. it looks like black yarn dread locks. but the beautiful rodarte quality about it though, is the shimmery threads that go through it. hard to tell in the photos but it's really beautiful in person.

Rodarte jacket, DIY Raquel Allegra black top, RVCA jeans, YSL Studio ankle boots

i swear it doesn't look like pubic hair in real life.

on the way to the premier, spotted this minivan with spinners (rims), they looked like chrome fan blades with flames on them. stylin....not.

my friend's band performed their song after the movie.

lots of lame Hollywood types at the fancy pants after party.

i got to hang out with Tyrese for a min. He wins best dressed.

oh and Ramon Rodriguez, my friend's Halo 3 buddy. He is super duper sweet and awesome in the movie!

i'm thoroughly pooped.


today is not only Go Skateboarding Day, but also Father's Day. Good times. Got to push around for a bit before heading to Redondo for crab again. Couldn't leave without stopping by the arcade. i'm actually really excellent with guns, but damn this cheap carnival rifle with its spray shot bb's. so close to winning the most gigantic green tiger ever.



that is the question.

so here are my Yohji Yamamoto for Doc Martens boots. they used to be the silver color that the insole is there, but i knew i'd get much more wear out of them if they were black (duh), so i had them professionally dyed. i had planned all along to spike the shit out of them like the junya boots i so covet below, but now that they've been dyed and i see them in all their black glory, i'm sort of into the plain-ness of them. what do you think?

maybe i'll just buy these from eBay and spike them instead.

yeah that's a better plan. i think?

let's all admit who the real hero is

my top three incredible dance movies are dirty dancing, flashdance, and staying alive. but let's get real and give credit to where credit is due. who gives a fuck about jennifer grey, jennifer beals or john travolta (nice facial hair dude). it's all about my childhood idol Cynthia Rhodes. growing up as the stiffest, most accident-prone, creeky joint little girl, i longed to be as gumby-like and smooth as cynthia. i mean does she even have all the requisite number of bones in her body? who moves like that? til this day, i will never pass up any of her dance scenes.

what's up Tina Tech

cmon Penny, Robbie's a douche

yeah jackie! oh hey finola, you're pretty rad too.

oh and it was her that richard marx was right here waiting for. not you.