Needing this Stella McCartney dress in a bad way. If any of you see a cheaper (*ahem, much cheaper) alternative, please leave me a link and I will be most grateful.


Anonymous said...

I AM LOOKING FOR SOMETHING JUST LIKE THIS TOO!! I have scoured the thrift and vintage near me to no avail..

I will heed anybody's advise for finding the perfect alternative..

original seed said...

ahhh i sold one very similar but in a crazy purple the other month for like £12! what a shame xxx

bravegrrl said...

i could definitely see you rockN this

SANDRA said...

Hey! Ahhh I understnad your love, I want the yamamoto version (so similar) but I will stalk the high st... I will let you know if I see something like it :)

xx sandra

koko // res pulchrae said...

Pixie Market had a long button-down dress, if I recall correctly. It was beige though, not white. And seeing as it's Pixie Market, they might be close to selling out, but maybe you can note down the brand if you like it.

SANDRA said...

hey btw. are you on twitter? come come...


Katie said...

this dress is absolutely wonderful! love your blog!

Anonymous said...

I love it! Perfect for the temperatures lately. <3 Oh and her hair color is lovely.


Skin & Wood Vintage,


Hi, This shirts dress is not same material, but bit similar looking? ?

I'm not sure you can buy it in USA..

Anonymous said...

Saw a piece like this at http://www.shopwearerubbish.com/ but they are all sold out now... maybe they'll re-stock? I wanted to get it too before I notice the "all sold/pending" status :(

xo www.fashion-feline.blogspot.com

Mcmaris said...

Stella is awesome. I love this too!

She Wears, She Shares said...

Oh..this is a great shirt dress. Getting flashes on how it can be styled and in so many ways.

Sorry the Givenchy necklace isn't to your liking. I am sure you will find a way to rock it though :)

Anonymous said...

omg just was blog jumping and found this right after leaving yours
i knew i had to come right back and let you know about it


just saw that on altamira
i know its not exactly the same
but i think its even better with the bohemian vibe
something i could totally see suiting you


Hi! Yes, you can't read Japanese...I completely forgot about it!!

The name is "Haricot Rouge", and it's a Japanese brand.
That shirts dress was around $250-$400 (sorry I forgot the certain price).
It's much cheaper that Stella's, but not very reasonable isn't it?

I checked other Japanese Website, but couldn't find more information.
I guess It's coming-up, but too early right now.
If I find more, I'll let you know!

No said...

i'll cross me fingers & toes and hope that h&m knocks it off in an acceptable manner...and i noticed you also enjoy fashematics...that's one of my daily reads. it makes me giggle.

Anonymous said...


Maria said...

Good luck with the hunt! I just realized I have a silk dress similar to this but in black, sometimes my huge trifted wardrobe makes me happy!

Rich Hippie said...

try vintage stores or like one of those stores for XXXL people (they probably have loads in the states) and you find something like that for sure.
Possibly not a sheer, im trying to find one to!
may the best woman win hahahaha

Connie said...

Gorgeous dress, no wonder you want it.

The Heartbreak

Anonymous said...