don't worry i'm not going to start doing makeup tutorials. in fact, i hate makeup. i hate having to buy it, i hate having to wear it, i hate having to take it off. but alas...i do wear it when i have to or when i'm particularly energized and can get off my lazy ass. is it because i don't need makeup? fuck no, i need it just as much as the next person, it's just not high up on my priorities...unlike sleeping and eating, which are at the top. i have insecurities like most everyone i know, one of them being my non-existent lip line. i don't have thin lips, i just always envy people with really crisp, clearly defined outer lines. my mom has the most perfect, like-a-drawing cupid's bow lips, my boyfriend has gorgeous immaculately lined lips, and then me, i have my dad's lips.........i enjoy red lips because it's the one time i can get away with being super precise and exact in drawing the line, but the problem is that i cannot stand reapplication of lipliner, lipstick, gloss, or any other makeup for that matter. i saw commercials for the new Cover Girl Outlast Lipstains though and wondered if they could really be the answer.
they're like felt tip markers. be forewarned that the colors are dark(ish) so if you're going for a completely natural look you'll have to do what i do. i apply really lightly and wipe it as i go so all the pigment doesn't absorb in. it's on the drying side so you'll definitely need chapstick, or gloss if your preference is having your hair stuck to your lips all day. this shit doesn't smudge, smear, or come off when you eat. SOLD!

* * * * *

one more thing. i'm going to be giving away a brand new never worn Rodarte x Target leopard dress in size 10 to commemorate reaching 200 followers! if you follow this blog (either Google or Bloglovin), please leave a comment for this post (and this post ONLY) by the end of Friday 4/30, telling me why you decided to follow (mysterious and vague, i know, ooh the possibilities!) and be sure to link to your email or leave your email in the comment as well. to be eligibl5 comments will be chosen at random and from those i will choose the one i fancy the most.

afterall, choosing one random winner would be no fun. i like to reward people based on their effort. unfair you say? life's not fair. welcome to my blog. thanks for everyone's continued support!
Australian designers, god love em. I find that I never really like whole collections, much akin to how I hardly ever like whole albums, but rather, singular songs. There are certain bands, however, that I love every single song - ahem, Murder City Devils - and there are some collections where I love practically every single piece. A lot of those collections happen to be from Australian designers. Things that make you go hmmm...

images via Shakuhachi

my favorites from Shakuhachi's AW10 collection entitled Foreign Correspondent

and on a completely unrelated side note, fuck, i really slept on these old McQueen bags. damn.
images via google image search


Magdalena Malibu Motoshoot. Where babes, bikes, and beaches collide. See what I did there? Yeah, I'm not amused either. I like Magdalena cause she's a total blockhead and weird looking. I like weird. I'm weird. If you're ever in southern California and you're not intimidated by the biker crowd, you should go check out Neptune's Net. The food is what you'd expect - beach food - but it's the view that's the real gem. Infamous for being a biker hangout, it's actually half chopper crowd and half street bike douchey crowd. Can you tell which I prefer? Be prepared to have the douchier side of the mix try to wow bystanders by doing continuous wheelies and various other mind-blowingly loud tricks a la Ruff Ryders, much to the annoyance of the rest of us. But in the meantime let's oogle the below...

via fashiongonerogue Vogue Germany May 2010

I can't stop obsessing over the green Prada bow clutch from 2008. I won't stop until it's in my possession! Hollaaaaa if you see one. No, seriously.

and favorite...shorts.

Excuse me?

Where the hell have I been?! Nutella Snack & Drink?!

whoever has access to these needs to send me two crates STAT. i would be forever grateful.



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13 hour days are doing nothing for my energy level as of late. my low energy level and overall lackluster enthusiasm for getting ready (not to mention this bizarre bipolar weather we're still experiencing) result in me erring on the side of comfort. c'mon it's 5:30 am, give me a break. comfort usually comes in the form of jeans and a t-shirt for me and thankfully the combo within arms reach this bleary-eyed morning was a nonsensical mix match of patterns. do you ever notice how the things that seemingly make the least amount of sense sometimes make the most sense?
F21 leopard coat, Rodarte x Target striped tee, Alexander Wang bag, vintage scarf

One of my most often worn articles of clothing is this black linen Isabel Marant t-shirt I have. I would honestly wear it every single day if it were sanitary. It has the most perfectly cut scoop neck and slight trapeze body, making it by far the most wearable and belly-hiding, go-to top in my closet. I had never known the joys of linen t-shirts until it was gifted to me 4 years ago and I've steadily worn the shit out of it since. I always wanted to stock up on more, but fundamentally don't believe in spending $$$ on something so plain as a t-shirt.

Case in point: Balmain Tee on Net-a-Porter for $1625??????? Rip that shit yourdamnself!

Anyhow, I went to Zara over the weekend and scored these super smooshy, just-as-awesome-as-Isabel-Marant-minus-the-price-tag, linen tees! They come in white, black, and army green. I couldn't resist getting all three.


McQueen Fall 2010 shoes

gigantic hoop earrings

images via nitrolicious and dismagazine

when i drip you drip we drip

Calgel makes even weak ass nails like mine long and strong...then of course Chanel makes everything better.

*EDIT : the base is Calgel color 'SW' and the drip is Calgel black. The Chanel art is Liquitex nail paint, hand-painted by me.


I'm very much having a moment with the genius that is Pamela Reed + Matthew Rader


i have a feeling i'm going to end up like this soon. the girl who was swallowed by her hair...

trust me, i do think of cutting it. about 117 times a day in fact...every time i sit on my hair...or it blows out and gets caught in the car window...or when people's arms get entangled in it post-hug...and countless other cumbersome times. it's a death trap really. i very much like this girl's hair but i don't think i could commit to it. i had "the dellal" (ugh, shudder at the name) before dellal had the dellal many many many years ago so thank god that's out of my system. i guess i'll have to give it more thought.



freeway by my house

domino's unbelievable online ordering

my beautiful niece

what i want to wear for the next 6 months

along with this

how i feel these days?

first time i've seen this jacket on another person. looks different from mine.

chanel x margiela crossbreed? celine is taking over.

if only...

various images : caroline, mr newton, dropsnap, iPhone, Fuct SS10


i vowed to myself i would keep this blog about interests and not post personal shit but i'm mad so i need to vent....

let me preface this by saying i don't drink alcohol (ever) and the one and only ticket i have ever received was in the same month i got my driver's license when i was sixteen and we all know how long ago that was (ahem). i actually take a lot of pride in being an excellent driver (not to mention master parallel parker) so while a ticket is a regular occurrence or non-issue for some, it is a big deal to me.

so i pull out of a super brightly lit parking structure after having dinner for my friend's bridal shower. it's not that dark out yet so i don't realize my headlights aren't on and proceed to drive a whopping TWO blocks when i get pulled over. "license and registration ma'am..." blah blah blah...the initial officer wasn't so horrendous, but his fucking prick ass partner that didn't even look old enough to buy alcohol, somehow felt the need to be in a 'ready' stance with his hand on his gun the whole time???? i mean, it's glaringly obvious that i pose a great threat to the safety of these fine Los Angeles streets, what with being a tax-paying, upstanding citizen with a perfectly clean record and all. i'm immediately fighting the urge to mouth off so as to escape with just a warning, which is what i fully expect after hearing tale after tale of how everyone and their mother seems to get away with borderline DUIs and excessive speeding and such. then after nearly 15 minutes, Junior Supercop returns with a TICKET and can't be bothered to answer any of my questions. right, i get it, you have more crime to go fight...

i really appreciate that my tax dollars go towards training neophyte rude ass officers to ticket these types of situations to fill their daily quotas, while everyday in this city people get away with much more serious infractions.

tell me about some of your bullshit run-ins. reassure me that i'm not the only one that has been shafted.

oh and this post goes out to Officer Rodriguez. FUCK. YOU. YOU FUCKING FUCK.