I've had a pretty poor track record with chronicling my travels on the blog, usually because in the end I don't want to share too much about my personal life. Traveling to me is such a personal, intimate experience that's difficult to summarize by slapping some photos on the internet and calling it a day. Or am I just making another grandiose excuse for laziness? Well this trip was a little different since it was for work so I'm making more of an effort. Plus, I find myself living vicariously through others' travel photos when I'm stuck at the office. Kick your feet up in the cubicle and enjoy (or be annoyed by) (it's all perspective people!) part dos...Berlin.

This leg of our journey was primarily to attend tradeshows. The first was Bread & Butter at this historic (now non-functioning) airport. I won't get into the details, but Germany is a country rich in history and everywhere there is a story to be told.

Heading from one side of Berlin to the other, to catch the Bright tradeshow.

Held in the old Stasi Headquarters building. The registration area had all these etched portraits in the floor...

Tradeshows get pretty seen-one-seen-em-all, but this one had an interesting mini golf room. It was like an interactive art installation. You can watch a video about it here...

Sick of this outfit yet? I know I was. This time with Ann Demeulemeester boots...

The next day exploring Berlin retail. Three words come to mind - rain, hypothermia, and graffiti.

My friend performed at the Platoon in Seoul so I was super excited to spot one in Berlin.

I think by this time we had had some form of meat and potatoes for every single meal for days, so my digestive tract was in dire need of a break. All I kept thinking about was Jamba Juice. We chanced upon this Korean restaurant and I damn near cried. If you're ever in Berlin, check it out! Yam Yam...

Unintentional stylin. Rain was coming from every which direction and my beanie just wasn't cutting it, so I had to make an emergency headwear purchase. Looking at this photo I like how the Kelly Wearstler scarf adds a little contrast. I'm generally not a stylish traveler, mostly plain black outfits. One good thing about face-freezing-off weather though, it does just that. It literally freezes your makeup to your face. No matter how much rain got misted into my face or how much breath vapor dampened my face under my scarf, I would come home to the hotel at night and it would all be there exactly as I left in the morning. This would never happen in California.

The one touristy thing we got to do was visit Checkpoint Charlie, the remnants of a main crossing point from East Berlin into West Berlin where the wall used to be.

Like I said, lots of history.


Not much to share from Amsterdam... The first leg of my Europe work trip. My coworkers had the brilliant idea to bike everywhere since we only had a day to visit all the spots on our research course. I imagined leisurely cycling along canals smelling tulips and smiling fondly at windmills, to which I eagerly agreed. But between avoiding getting T-boned from every direction by trains, vans, pedestrians, other bikers (simultaneously), Dutch mothers laughing at me, and trying not to get my tires stuck in the dense web of tram tracks, all the while squinting through horizontal rain, reality was just...too...much.

I was uploading the photos I took and realized they were all of buildings. Big buildings, old buildings, cute buildings, solemn buildings, just lots of buildings. Maybe because they were the greatest contrast from California's stucco landscape? Anyhow, I didn't want to bog you down with them so I'll privately enjoy my building fetish. I did have great Dutch BBQ though. Steaks on laps, I approve.


I dropped my Nikon over the holidays and sadly the auto focus doesn't work anymore. While I waited to get it fixed, I mulled over getting a smaller camera that would be easier to carry. I knew I would go for a Micro Four Thirds, but couldn't decided on which one. It wasn't until I had lunch with Gennie and her Sony that I was swayed. I went straight to the nearest store and financed the very last one they had in stock. Got me a new lens too and now I'm ready to shoot.

Europe photo diary?


here // here // here

Feverishly looking for some warm (read: practical) outerwear options for my upcoming work trip to Europe. I don't know how much cold my fragile Southern California body can take. As someone who shivers just standing in shade even in the dead of an Indian summer, compounded with my layering claustrophobia, it is imperative that I find a jacket that keeps me warm without needing to bundle on additional layers and doesn't make my shoulders feel like I'm training for Strongman. North Face jacket I want thee not. (unless you, you're ok)

My packing goal is as follows: one coat, one pair of pants, one pair of boots, three cashmere sweaters, socks and chonies, toiletries, etc. you know the drill. Too ambitious for a 7 day trip? Basically I'd be wearing the pants, boots, a sweater, and the coat, with the rest of the stripped down essentials in one corner of my very large luggage...with ample room to bring back all the spoils of stimulating Europe's economy.


How perfect is this reverse ombre?

Last chance to raid our closets. Come one come all.


The previous case I had, while it was cool looking, was completely impractical. I hate adding extra bulk to the slim design of the iPhone, but I have an even greater hatred for scratches and dents. I was on the lookout for a super slim case and my friend came to the rescue with this. Pixelman got a glossy white one for his white phone and I got the matte black for my black phone, but there are way more colors to choose from. The best part is the price. Can't beat $10!


UNIF // Burberry

Two solid options. Both sold out but alternatives here and here.

FYI the UNIFs are supremely comfortable.


L: Current/Elliott // R: J Brand

Is it just me or is it really difficult to find good plain leather pants in a 5 pocket denim silhouette? (That is not $172,846.00) There are tons of legging style leather pants, but my thick-waist-bird-leg-Asian-butt situation is like oil to that cut's water. Plus I'd like to think of myself as a veteran in the war against leggings as pants. The two above are the closest I've found, but they're real pricey so I'm going to have to research some more. My super fashion sleuth skills have been failing me so I need your help...

WANTED : 5 pocket style skinny jean in leather that does not feel like thin spandex and/or liquid latex painted onto my legs and crotchular area and will not cost more than a month's mortgage payment. Actually, let's make it a month's car payment. Say, a Honda? Ok, GO.