CÉLINE blazer // Zara linen tee // Cheap Monday jeans // Sigerson Morrison boots

I'm not really much of a holiday dresser. If anything I tend to do the opposite of what's expected. If it's booty short occasion, I'll do leather pants. If it's a dress occasion, I'll do a suit. But today I felt like getting into the Easter groove. Maybe cause it's a family day? I don't actually own anything pastel, but I did have this jacket, which is a rare floral piece in my closet. Close enough right?


So excited to be featured on Barney's The Window today! You can read the rest of my interview here.


CÉLINE cardigan // Alternative Apparel shirt // vintage Levis // Vans shoes

Actually everyday is casual day at my office. This is borderline fancy for me. But I guess all it takes is insane outerwear to take jeans and tshirts to the next level. And lord knows I'm all about the insane outerwear. Is there anywhere in the world that is perpetually Spring?


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That Céline scarf and that Balenciaga jacket. Ooowww.


The most perfect throw around bag.


vintage Sepultura tee // vintage Wrangler denim shirt // Ksubi jeans // Timberland boots // Issey Miyake Pleats Please bag

Balenciaga muscle tee // vintage flannel // Ksubi jeans // Sigerson Morrison boots

Zara top // vintage flannel // Ksubi jeans // Timberland boots // Céline bag
top, middle photo by Bobby // bottom photo by Koo

I've been here at SXSW in Austin, TX for work since Wednesday. Somehow I've managed to be in bed 11pm every night despite all heckling and cajoling from coworkers. The days have been hot and the nights have been dark, not the best conditions for picture-taking. But thank god I'm traveling with photographers or at least running into them on the street. Here's what I'm wearing in case you're wondering. I'm a super light packer, so you'll notice yes I'm wearing repeats (that's what Febreeze is for). And thanks to the people who've said hello, sorry for the awkwardness, I'm shy.


Finally some new sandals! It feels like forever since I've had a new pair. I guess it's not an item that's usually at the top of my purchase list, so I'm thankful Sigerson Morrison has me covered. Sometimes a lil note makes all the difference!


Still one of my favorites. Back by Ann-Sofie Back AW13.


Gorgeous matte PU trench and iridescent parka from Wanda Nylon. While I was in Hong Kong this past January I discovered Wanda Nylon while lurking the mens section of Harvey Nichols. A crazy beetle-esque windbreaker first caught my eye. There was a also short moto version of the above left in a transparent black, but this trench version is so chic, so Blade Runner dominatrix. There hasn't been a whole lot of new-new for me with emerging brands, but insanely beautiful and forward rainwear is definitely refreshing. Just look at their new collection.


B-Side by Walé parka // RVCA jeans // Acne boots

Keeping in the theme of animal prints, here is my new parka that came just in time for the (hopefully) final chill of winter. The extra tall fake hood collar makes it feel a little more um, next level?

Photo by my brother from another mother Bobby, who made me ugly cry at work with his nostalgic Instagram post on our friendship.


My toes are begging for emancipation! Come on Spring!

(fine, boots are not very freeing but LOOK AT THEM)


Last night I went to an event for D-Bar, denim and drinks, in the newly renovated Saks Mens Store in Beverly Hills. Why am I at a mens store you ask? Well I do draw a lot of inspiration from menswear and let us not forget my 2013 personal style goals being centered around 3.1 Phillip Lim Men (Spring) and Saint Laurent Men (Fall).  So okay fine, I had some ulterior motives - snooping around at new collections and seeing just how baggy I could take my shorts - but the D-Bar really was unexpected. It seemed like it was built in honor of every guy in the world who has ever had to follow their lady shopping and wait around department stores for hours playing games on their phones and feigning interest in dress hem lengths. A place for men to shop without feeling like they're (groan) shopping. The new mens store is being relaunched as The Fifth Man this weekend, so go shoot some pool, get a haircut (yes really, in the D-Bar), oh and buy some stuff. (maybe make your lady wait around this time?)


BLENDS x Vans Vault SK8-HI Zip LX

BLENDS was kind enough to send me a pair of their Vans Vault collab, commemorating their 10 year anniversary. Besides the fact that they are all leather, the usual SK8-HI stripe is boooones, and the shoelaces are even fancy, my favorite part is the back zip. I love it when they do that. Oh and they go down to a mens 5.5 for all you ladies (and gentlemen with dainty feet, oof sorry). Limited edition of 100.

They'll be available at the BLENDS LA and OC locations as well as online starting March 8.


(images via)
AnOther Magazine / Spring 2013
Photography Daniel Jackson
Styling Mattias Karlsson
Model Kati Nescher

When friends send you editorials because they totally get you.

Oh and the sandals I've been waiting all winter for.


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Some not so basic basics from Undercover.


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Welcome back Jil.


images via WWD

Speaking of androgyny...how about this men's (let's just refer to it as Jayne's) collection from Hedi? Though I've been favoring minimal classic looks when I actually put an effort into what I wear, on the day to day, I still end up sloppy more often than not. The top one is the obvi choice for most, but the last one is definitely my favorite. In my weird OCD particular aesthetic meter, that shade of brown worn with the black jeans, with that shadow plaid, and the dotted white fur coat...TEN.