louis louis ooooh oh

i have a hard time justifying spending $1000 on a pair of plain ass pumps just because they are jimmy choo or manolo blahnik or even christian louboutin. i mean christian louboutin DOES offer some great "other" fancy shoes that are great, but really? pumps? $1000? i think not. actually, fuck no. buttttt what i DON'T have a problem with is paying said amount for a work of art. it's such a crazy amount of money and i don't mean to sound like i have or like i actually can, but i'm saying hypothetically i would be more likely to spend that money if the shoe was really more like art. especially since i have a penchant for crazy not every day shoes. let's say for argument's sake these louis vuitton platform wedges...runway shoes don't always make it into the stores so imagine my surprise when my local louis crack den actually had the bottom version. i've been getting ambushed by crazy shoes left and right lately. i was instantly reminded of the top version so i asked the sales lady if she had any all black ones, she said they actually had a pair that weren't even being displayed (odd) and brought out a way daintier, lady-like version that was satin and had a peep toe and ever so slight prada-esque single ruffle detail. in these tough times i can't really afford to be dropping that kind of cash on a single pair of shoes (let alone my car payment or rent), but these beauties make me teeter on the edge of financial irresponsibility.

sign me up

so i'm thinking my next trip is going to have to be to alabama. what the hell would i actually have to do in alabama you ask? i can't think of a goddamn thing, except for the Barber Museum, a veritable pantheon of vintage motorsports. what do you say so-so's?

barack that thang up

what a babe.


my ysl's need mates. these ysl's would do just nicely.

el anatsui

while i was perusing the new york times style magazine, i came across an article on a nigerian artist that goes by the name of El Anatsui. He recycles bottle caps that he amasses from all over west africa, crushes them into flat pieces, and then fashions them into huge sheets to look like fabric or giant draperies. they're stunning to say the least.the bottom photo reminds me of dries van noten bead work. maybe that's why i was drawn to it?

please excuse the shoddy scan job, i'm very tired today.

i'd be GLAD if i had this bag

heavy metal

it's been a loooong while since i've liked anything gaultier but THIS....this........

chain mail


biker jacket






i'm going to explode. the chanel gun heels...in my hands....in my room....mine......

someone get me a paper bag.
or pinch me.

ill take one of everything please...

a/w 09 preview of australian brand TV

i love love love this brand. i need everything.


love this girl's look.
images via dropsnap.jp

bang bang

every once in a while there are things that you know will go down in fashion history. the kind of things that you know will be so exclusive that the regular, average non-celebrity/bazillionaire would never even have access to. so never in a million years did i actually think i would come into contact with these crazy beasts. i have my dream shoes but these just go above and beyond, where you don't even dare dream they will ever be yours. so imagine my surprise when i walked into a los angeles boutique and there they were perched atop a shelf in MY SIZE. i cried a little inside before having to hunch my shoulders and lower my head and walk away depressed, only to have the sales lady coerce me into trying them on. they fit perfectly. damn. but alas. they will never be mine.

or will they...?

just sayin.

and the award goes to

cutest thing EVER.

hey ummm

when are you going on sale?

fantastic plastic


i had the honor of sitting for a portrait by artist James Jean yesterday. he is most recently famous for his illustrations for the Prada S/S 08 campaign below.the whole process was about two hours long. the first hour was surprisingly a breeze but by the one and a half hour mark i was cramping from trying to hold as still as possible. it was an honor in itself to be able to sit for james so i didnt want to be difficult by fidgeting or needing breaks so i forced myself to get through it. in the end, i was shocked and amazed. he even got my septum ring in there. i couldn't have imagined it would turn out the way it did. james is truly gifted. here he is shooting me after...
the pose vs the portrait...me speechless...the final product!having your image captured in photographs (which i'm not particularly fond of), doesn't even compare to being immortalized in a painting forever.

waiting patiently...

barneys or bust

barneys warehouse sale...how disappointing.


dinner with jenn at malo

love your money.

the mystery

i get that the cool, cult-following fictional all girl band in film is supposed to be The Stains,but has anyone ever really really paid attention to The Mystery? the all girl + male keyboardist band led by justine bateman in the 1988 movie, satisfaction. there's jennie lee, the lead with college to fall back on, love-hungry daryle, nickie the keyboardist, and my two favorites, pill-popping billy and dark, brooding mooch. if you can get past all the cheesy and abrupt dialogue/acting and the horrible singing, there are actually a few things that make it worthwhile to watch:

1. Liam Neeson
2. young Liam Neeson
3. young Liam Neeson in henleys and sweats
4. bad 80s fashion, but also GOOD 80s fashion, especially mooch and billy's characters
5. cameo by Debbie Harry

Daryle : "Ok we're goin in there now...and anyone that doesn't act elegant...is a douchebag."

well said.