i was looking at the fall 09 burberry prorsum boots that are kind of like a crossbreed between the emma cook topshop boots and the balmain fringe boots.

which made me randomly think about the scarf from the fall 2002 collection that i had been so obsessed with that i even tried to knit my own. i wonder who actually owns this and if they'll come knock on my door and hand it to me in a box with a big ribbon on it. in which case, can you please include a check for a million dollars? 

currently obsessed with

black truffle Moliterno - sheep's milk, Italy

cave-aged Gruyere - cow's milk, Switzerland
i go for the extremely aged variety that has developed a lot of calcium lactate crystals. 
the crunchy texture adds a bit of a surprise.

porcelain war

speaking of brilliant charles', another i adore is artist charles krafft. he creates a dichotomy of harsh and soft using traditional Dutch Delft painting/porcelain technique to create sculptures of grenades, rifles, and skateboards to name a few. the skateboards would obviously be in my top choices but my actual favorite is the clog. i saw his work in person at a gallery in Santa Ana and really wished i could've swiped a few pieces. 
tooth necklace collaboration with Maiden Noir

small scale

one of my favorite artists is charles ledray, who is known for both his miniature sculptures whittled out of real human bone and his miniature clothing made exactly to scale. the human bone thing is simultaneously breath-takingly beautiful and off-putting. i would, on the other hand, love to own one of the apparel pieces. when photographed up close, they just look like normal clothes because he pays such close attention to detail, but when seen in context with a size reference, you notice just how small they really are. everything from museum guard uniforms to carpenter outfits to hippie denim shirts, they all have individual character.


nothing beats the classic bandana. it crosses all demographics, generations, and lifestyles. it has withstood the test of time. love the modern update - used as a pocket square.

image via the sartorialist

hot damn

givenchy fw 09

dude, riccardo tisci. i bow down to you.

sophia kokosalaki fw 09

oh man the metalwork. good god.

a girl's best friend

i always keep my car, room, bag, and office stocked with these.


i'm about due for a new bag. i'm much more a shoe girl than a bag girl even though i'm in vans most of the time. but i digress...this knox carriage bag i think is the perfect versatile comfy bag.


okay i need to know where they are.

maybe i have an especially soft spot for all things related to this book because i won the bookmark art contest in the third grade for my "library's are...where the wild things are" winning artwork. it's the only time in my life i've ever won a contest. ever. i'm a winner i know.

vintage brew

too bad they're not for sale.
too bad i don't drink anyway.

xo, grandma

with love from russia

this bulletproof, limited edition ural sahara comes with a gas canister, shovel, spotlight, luggage rack, and spare tire. authentic, expedition-ready sidecar style motorcycle.

btw, i'm driving. 

unless, of course, with heath. in which case, i'm already buckled in.

hubba hubba

jenny shimizu.

73 triumph hurricane

image via bike exif


i have no idea why but i just started thinking about skateboarding and the 90s today. skateboarding has always been my first love - the most seminal thing in my life that really formed who i am today. sure there are other bits and bobs to me, but for the most part, i am who i am today because of skateboarding. i'm sure everyone has their own versions of what the 90s represented for them. for me it was a time that was dominated by Think, Foundation, and Girl just to name a few. it was a time when skaters looked like ravers, or members of the Talking Heads. pants were huge and the bottoms were cut off so you could barely see your Simples; the resulting proportion resembling shorts so large that they were considered pants only by default. i think it was Etnies that even put out denim one year that had back pockets that resembled mits. they were called the girlfriend jean or some shit, so that skaters' girlfriends could keep their hand in the back pocket. i may be mistaken on the brand but i definitely will never forget those jeans. i remember wanting to be linked up in a pair with a certain someone. but then again, i was 15. flash forward 15 years later and skaters can now swap jeans with their girlfriends. but whatever the style may be, there will always be that signature SKATE look. the look that rollerbladers, wakeboarders, bmx-ers, and whoever else will try to emulate. although skateboarding has become far more mainstream than back in the 90s, it's still a relatively underground sport. and while the police, rent-a-cops, and other generally disgruntled uptights of the world shun it, ad execs and cool guy wannabe's will always try to encapsulate the essence of it. why? because it's awesome. face it.


i need to get my hands on these vans x usugrow sk8-hi's. PRONTO.
usugrow just happens to be my favorite japanese artist. see...

the other coco

it's taken me a while to warm up to coco rocha...she definitely has a strange face - she's pretty, but then she's not. i've always wanted to try being a redhead (which i'm aware would look absurdly unnatural on me) but then it's not a far cry from my natural hair color now when it's in the sun. or so i like to tell myself. but pics like this push me a little closer to trying it.

who knows fashion

hey, everybody gotta wear clothes. and if you don't you get arrested.


san diego

went down to san diego today to spend time with my pal Aly, who is the creative force behind such brands as Alphanumeric and Fiberops. i've known him for a decade now and while we've obviously aged in real time, we're still juvenile dorks around each other. some things never change.

where the magic happens...
i love mama owerka...i also love my camel Ann D's...the blue would be me and the red is the economy...i hate you...

  • hysteric glamour sweatshirt tee
  • vintage wrangler jeans
  • ann demeulemeester ghillie boots

i have no money

does anyone want to buy me these shoes?

size 37.5 or 38. thanks.

the other 80s

what name immediately comes to mind when you think of cult classic 80s movies? john hughes probably...but my top 3 favorites are actually NOT hughes flicks. sure i'll always have a soft spot for the breakfast club, pretty in pink, and sixteen candles (primarily for michael schoefling) but my all time tops will always be Heathers, Gleaming the Cube, and Pump up the Volume - coincidentally, which all star young christian slater.

Heathers is the original Mean Girls circa 1988.

You can't beat Rodney Mullen (one of the most historic skaters) as Christian Slater's stunt double in Gleaming the Cube circa 1989. imagine how stoked i was at the age of 13 to learn that it was filmed at my high school. man i walked those halls with pride.

Hard Harry's musical selections of Jesus & Mary Chain, Bad Brains, and of course the infamous Everybody Knows by Leonard Cohen just add to the awesomeness that is Pump Up the Volume circa 1990. Plus, I could relate to rebellion in suburbia.

vroom vroom

i think i need these patches.

winter woes no more

instead of having a show, jun takashi instead took just two models into a forest and shot the above simulated runway. the models walked down a "runway" of Mylar survival blankets in subzero temperatures and the point, though, was that the they were not cold. the collection was lined with membranes and microcapsules developed for NASA.

"Some of them absorb body heat indoors and then release it when the wearer steps out into colder conditions. Others will block biting windchill, even though they're ostensibly as flimsy as blazers.Some of them absorb body heat indoors and then release it when the wearer steps out into colder conditions. Others will block biting windchill, even though they're ostensibly as flimsy as blazers."

he wanted to step away from showing to focus more on research and development which resulted in a collection that married modern technology with functional design. finally a winter collection that's both beautiful to wear and completely wearable in cold, harsh weather. there is hope for me yet.

oh, and i love how you can see the progression from day to night to dawn in the forest (l-to-r)