Now that I've been home for a while and sufficiently gotten the mania of being in the thick of NYFW out of my shocked system, I can finally reflect back fondly on the shows I had seen.

Not gonna lie. The show was super long. Forty four looks? (don't quote me on that) A few of the looks could have been left out, but basically the rest of the forty or so looks could feel free to get on my body right now (while we still have some chill). Oddly enough one of my favorite looks was the below dress. Who am I becoming? A lady you dare say?! Well to balance it out, another look I favor...straight up androgyny.

Although I've never met Amy Smilovic of Tibi personally, I'm going to believe in my mind that she made these shorts JUST. FOR. ME. And no one can tell me otherwise.

What's going on with me and dresses?? I let out a gasp (that may or may not have annoyed the back neck of Doutzen Kroes who sat in front of my dodging head) when this cocoon-shaped confusion of a dress walked past. But as usual, it is just my affinity for quilted things. And all was good in the world. But quilted pants? Please excuse me while I attempt to control myself...
Dear Olivier. All the pants. Size 6. Please. Kthanksbye.

And although I was disappointed to miss the Calvin Klein Collection show, the internet was there for me as always and showed me all the things I missed, as I sat in pajamas, unshowered. (I'm VIP in my house ok?) It's probably for the better though. Had I, in real time, spotted these gigantic oversized web belts cinching the balloon shape pants I do so favor now, I cannot say what might have transpired. This is maybe the one Fall item I will for sure be stalking some unfortunate PR professional for. My advanced apologies.


And to balance the use of the S word below. I give you...the french fry shirt!


If ever I were to wear a sexy dress, this would be the sexiest dress.

(those boots!)


Zara coat // J Crew cashmere sweater // Ksubi jeans // STOP IT RIGHT NOW + Brook&Lyn scarf // Sigerson Morrison boots // Loeffler Randall bag

When you take out your camera to finally catch up on an outfit post and realize you left the battery at work. Thank goodness for camera phones (and Photoshop).

And looking at these photos now, I guess this is a pretty accurate depiction of California winter wear. We're lucky, I know.


My default statement is that I'm just not into prints. But it's not entirely true. I'm just particularly particular with what I like. Sometimes there's a certain scale of polka dot I love. Sometimes it's the symmetry in a foulard pattern. Maybe it's the color that saves an otherwise whatever print. This Draw in Light collection is really lovely because it reminds me of woodblock printing in old, weathered books and Moby Dick. It feels like literature come to life. And to top it all off, the styling. The socks with the Birkenstocks really seal the deal.


Go pee, get in some sweats, grab some snacks, cause you're going to want to take a minute to marvel at these pants. I mentioned them previously and now here they are for your viewing pleasure. Sadly they are runway samples so it's like a short-lived fairy tale and I'm trying to squeeze in all the odd-shaped fun before the clock strikes midnight, but at least I succeeded in confusing the fine community of Little Tokyo this past sunny Saturday. It started with my brother, who was I think a tiny bit ashamed to walk with me, and eventually trickled down to the shopkeepers and pedestrians. No matter, anything figure-obstructing is A-OK in my book!


You know what's really exciting? When you look high and low for a cool iPad Mini case and can find nothing until one day you discover that your new bag comes with a separate envelope clutch (that we will say is free, you know for the sake of this narrative) that happens to magically fit the aforementioned gadget like a glove...which then fits into its own perfect little compartment inside the bag, leading one to believe that this tote was in fact specifically made for me to discreetly hijackborrow my husband's Mini.

Little surprises, small victories.


Numero #136
Photography Andrea Spotorno
Styling Cristina Casini
Model Kel Markey

This is one of my favorite editorials ever. I mean I appreciate most editorials; the sheer production to put one together and the resulting overall visual...pretty hard to discriminate against beautiful images. But this one...this one...the composition of each shot, the choice of model, and the styling, the perfect styling.

This is kind of what I meant by my last post. The crossroads of inconsistent, accidental, a little street, and high fashion. I think what the 15 year old me would hope to grow up to be?


-Jenné Lombardo via The Coveteur

I was browsing through a Coveteur of Jenné Lombardo, general bad ass lady, and caught the above quote. It struck a cord in me because it's the one concise sentence I've been trying to put into words in regards to my own personal style. Is this a common sentiment for women in their thirties? Specifically ones who grew from neighborhood street kids into appreciators of high fashion? Do we have a special subsect of fashion?

When I observe other women whose style I appreciate, whether like mine or not, I sometimes wish I were more streamlined, dare I say disciplined, in my look. But I really don't have a look. As much as my OCD I want to whittle my closet down to a smart Céline look or a gothic Owens look or even zany Comme des Garçons, whatever one directional look, I can never forego Bart Simpsons sweatshirts or SK8-HI's or stupid skate graphic hoodies. And not because they're currently what's "edgy" in fashion, but because of where I came from.

So am I destined to be the forty year old lady with nonsensical, accidental style? I mean I guess I don't mind that much. I'm just here to have fun.


To celebrate the new Resort 2013 collection, Kenzo commissioned London based illustrator and art director Mat Maitland to create a small film bringing to life clothes and accessories. His image range and repertoire of obsessions (wild animals, pop colours, patterns etc) perfectly interlock with Kenzo’s spirit, echoing some of the brand’s own codes. Compellingly original, the viral plunges us into an intriguing and electric parallel universe in which a striking looking Kenzo girl appears to live. The brand’s prints are sometimes juxtaposed on the model’s face, leopards are running wild, almost fluorescent snakes make their way through these chaotic and hazardous looking landscapes: all these elements blend together to create a surreal interpretation with an expertly controlled pulse. Energetic and exciting, this is an absorbing and very cool little composition proving that Humberto Leon and Carol Lim are once again doing it extremely right!

So excited to share this video from Mat Maitland. Most known as an art director in the music world - Goldfrapp, Beck, Basement Jaxx, Mark Ronson, Das Pop, Michael Jackson to name a few - I'm glad to see he is expanding into the fashion world. Can't wait to see what else he comes up with! You can read an interview with him here. And check out his lovely lady's site as well. (I'm obsessed with their cat)  (I don't even like cats)


Acne leather jacket // Target hoodie // CÉLINE shirt, pants, loafers // Saint Laurent bag


Last look of NYFW, promise! Really cheating on the outfit posts here. When you travel alone it's hard to get outfit shots in, unless you're comfortable with accosting random passersby or bellhops (which I'm not). Luckily this trip I was able to rely on the kindness of street style photographers. By this day, all I cared about was being comfortable and dry, which sort of half explains my crazy hip hop fashion lady look. The other half is well, I don't know. Just general weirdness?

***UPDATE: I'm so glad someone asked if there is a trick to keeping the belt on moto jackets from sliding around! My friend taught me to use black binder clips to hold the belt in place and then you remove the silver handles. You can sort of make out the clip in the above photos, just after the front belt loop. Works like a charm!


CÉLINE coat // vintage quilted thermal // MNG leather track pants // Adidas shell toes // Saint Laurent bag // Ray Ban sunglasses

top image by Phil Oh for // bottom image Tommy Ton for Jak & Jil

This coat finally made its debut after a snowy first couple days. When there was finally a break in the weather, it was time. These were taken after the Jeremy Laing show. By that point after all the slush and wind, I just wanted to be comfortable, so the rest of the look was offset with leather track pants and my trusty Adidas shell toes, that are sadly no longer gleaming white. A shoe bath is in order.


Calvin Klein Collection coat and pants // Zara cashmere shirt // Uniqlo Heat Tech undershirt // Altuzarra boots

I've told you before what a minimal packer I am right? I don't know what's going on with me these days and my memory. Also I don't know what's going on with my packing for this trip. It was the strangest mess of inappropriate shoes and not warm at all coats. Or rather, "coats" I should say.

Thank goodness the kind people at Calvin Klein Collection came to my rescue. Sad to be missing the show since I have to fly back home and get back to work. But happy to at least wear the beautiful clothes. This jacket basically saved me on a very cold and snowy day. And don't even get me started on these pants. Shorts? Pants? Culottes? Just billowy wide leg tapered leathery goodness. There is an insane white runway pair that I will save for another post.


Recognize these looks?? More behind the scenes from Jen Kao's studio, shot by Morgan O'Donovan, this time with actual runways looks. This is actually a pretty accurate cross section of the different textures represented in the show - Japanese patchwork-esque indigo, metallic leather, and dominatrix pleather. Really I mean, it would take something like this to get me into a dress.

If only I could bypass summer and head straight to fall. Maybe a trip to Australia is in order. Do people do that? Chase colder seasons?


photos via

Did I tell you or did I tell you... All about that top left jacket. Dress, jacket, overcoat, so many possibilities. And that silver tracksuit. You could technically wear it separately to make it less crazy, but why would you do that? We are all about the crazy here yezno? That spotted mink you just really have to see in person. And grope touch (no judgment). And once you spend ONE snowy day in NY, all you will look at is floor length coats. Trust me.

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Yesterday I spent the afternoon at Jen Kao's studio and shot some behind the scenes of show prep. It was crazy, but well worth it in the end. While Jen and the team went over final details, I had a chance to shoot some of the FW13 pieces with amazing fashion photographer, Morgan O'Donovan.
The jacket in this last photo is what I wore to the show today. There is a black leather version that has my name all over it come next Fall. So many pieces I wish I could just fly home to LA wearing.

Show recap in a bit!

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So yesterday the weather diarrhea-ed a whole lot of snow on the city, which means sludge, which means dirty sludge, which means goodbye nice fashion shoes. I luckily stuck with my A$AP Rocky x Bag Lady fashion concept and managed to stay warm. Shout out to Uniqlo Heat Tech! This is me at Milk Studios after the day was done.

Really excited for the Jen Kao show today. I spent the day yesterday at the studio and got the behind the scenes scoop on today's show. Truth be told, as much as I appreciate the brand's aeshetic, the past collections have been a bit too feminine for me to actually wear. But this collection, give me everything! Lots of menswear and Japanese patchwork inspired coats. Mink accents like below. Just everything. I want it all. Stay tuned for the runway show. And follow me on their social media!

This is what it looks like outside currently. Nemo is really doing no favors for fashion week.

So here I am posting from the Tribeca Grand and waiting to the very last second to go out into the cold.

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And I am displeased (obvi). This weather is doing nothing for me. But I might have also served myself better had I packed more than 3 tops and white shoes for this blizzard. But in other less complain-y news...

I will be taking over Jen Kao's social media for the next few days of NYFW. Tune in!

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